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  1. ScottT

    SL Compact Manual

    Found the manual, was for an ADE Optima, system reset and customer happy.
  2. ScottT

    Giving quotations to customers

    It always helps to give them a demo or show them pictures of your work. Sometimes it wins the job.
  3. You could just install a Risco Wireless system as a stand alone system. Once you've disconnected your old system the wires would be useless.
  4. ScottT

    can anyone recommend a wired alarm system?

    The Honeywell G4 Accenta is a good alarm. Commonly used for most home installations and good support and help if you need. You can buy the PIR's, window and door detectors as additions to the alarm panel.
  5. ScottT

    SL Compact Manual

    Thanks for the info. Do you know how I would apply for the trade side as I'm struggling to find this manual and its looking like a new alarm system at the minute... Thanks for the help, Scott
  6. ScottT

    SL Compact Manual

    Hi, Im looking for an SL Compact Engineers manual but cant seem to find one. Had a call out today to this system with no codes being known by the tenants. I want to reset but not sure how, Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

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