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  1. Guys I replaced the panels with one working and connected the push buttons.on it , and every thing was okay till I start to test , once the alarm is detected the bell and siren work for seconds then the keypad restart , is the battery can cause this issue ?
  2. @al-yeti I think the physical link and resistance is okay I measured the values of voltage and the resistance using the AVOmeter and it is good and for the flash timing I agree with you. @Galaxy Guy Yes bro I checked this menu wiring and voltage is okay but the comm's is 0% @Nova-security you mean jumpers LK1, or LK3 right?
  3. Dears, I have galaxy dimension panel which is connected to 2 Rio in daisy chain as following: A to A B to B 12 v to 12 v 0v to 0v And there are 2 Eol 680 ohm on panel side and on the last Rio between A and B but there is an error appear on the panel that is the rio is missed , so how can I troubleshoot this issue? Regards,
  4. @Galaxy Guyy @al-yeti Okay after tomorrow I will reconnect the sensor to the panel as galaxy guy recommended and I will share pictures with you coz I finished my work for today and tomorrow is my weekend , thx for your support.
  5. @Galaxy Guyy @al-yeti I know this also and when I connect the external resistors I don put the jumpers , and btw I applied honeywell standard , the two diagrams in their installation guide but it doesn't work for me
  6. @al-yeti sorry bro , I thought that @Galaxy Guy who replied to me I didn't notice the name , I need your recommendations bro
  7. @Galaxy Guyu Guys please I nead help with this antidrill sensor sc100 now the tamper sensor is working correctly once I click the button the state convert from open to closed but the vibration sensor alarm still open and I cannot set my system coz of it so please guys I will share the connection from both sides panel and sensor and please help. Regards, Here is the pics
  8. @Galaxy Guy no I am testing on another one sorry for not clarifying
  9. And fyi ,What I have on the antidrill sensor RTi,RST,T1,T2,NO,C,NC,-,+ and on the panel Z,0V,12V what I am done I removed jumpers 19 "tamper and alarm" and connected resistor between T1 and T2 and resistor between NC, C then I connected NC with 1kohm eol to z1 and T2 with eol 1kohm to z2 and t1 and c on the 0v on the panel
  10. One more thing @Galaxy Guy I have sc100 antidrill sensor and the tamper sensor work correctly but it is not detecting the vibration so can you provide me with the correct way of connecting sc100 to galaxy flex fx050 panel
  11. What you mean by installers , installers who fit the intrution system or what.coz what I am doing now that I am trying to install the panel and the sensors on site so am I called installer ?
  12. @Galaxy Guy do you have an idea how to get software application for galaxy flex coz I am trying to upgrade the software through flash programmer app may be that will solve the problem.
  13. Yes I mean the spi key , and I checked the panel rightnow , there is no place to plug in and I don know why it comes with the order if it is useless, or may there is a way to connect it to the panel idk.
  14. No no I didn't plugged in the key , am just asking if I can reprogramme it with the key or not, the pcb was working good and the anti drill sensor was connecting to it and I left it working for 15 hours then the problem happened and I don know what happened
  15. @Galaxy Guy I had to go for replacment because the led go.straight to on at power up , but I have what is called programming key that connected direct to the PCB , can this work for reprogramming the PCB
  16. @Galaxy Guy @al-yeti I found the com port for the panel after using db cable but the issue now that when I try to connect it through rss after dial , popup message which say 'site was lost' appear , I think this because the keypad not chatting with the panel
  17. And I tried to connect the panel to my pc through mini-usb but the problem that the panel com port doesn't appear in the device manager list thats why I cannot connect to it through rss via dial option
  18. I don.know from where my company bought it and yes I have engineer access through the keypad if that what you mean but the problem that I cannot log in to the keypad coz it is not booting as the panel not chatting with it
  19. And FYI I don know how to access the panel , I tried to connect my console cable through a console port but the com port doesn't show in device manager list.
  20. I am sorry @Galaxy Guy and thank you so much for your support and actually stucked in this situation and it is my first time to work on intrusion system so I will be so grateful if you guide me how to access the panel and how to.find this option because I am beginner in this field but I have to.do it coz my company asked me for it
  21. And the panel installed for 15 hours or less @Galaxy Guy
  22. Can you tell me more about 51.17 shutdown and how to do it?
  23. No, once power connected give steady light, and stay steady.no, I didn't power down the panel when I made a change .51.17 shutdown / halting procedure to power down ? I don know about this procedure I just removed the power cable and the battery cables.
  24. I did what you suggested galaxy guy but still the same problem, so if the panel has crashed , what the probable causes for that?
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