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  1. Mmm, selfmon looks interesting... looks like I’ll be comparing quiet a few here! Thanks for getting me on the right track! Ah, thanks for the heads up!
  2. Thanks again al-yeti! I admit I’ve been through the Honeywell website and found it frustrating low on specifics, but you’ve got to an interesting page there! ive been approaching it from http://www.security.honeywell.com/uk/ Have you had any experience with this system? thanks Paul
  3. Thanks MrHappy I feel that is what I’ll end up doing! There doesn’t seem to be a “key switch” I/P to it unfortunately. I could connect an auto dial system to it, but they are only one way. I couldn’t reset the alarm remotely. So, may need to bite the bullet and swap it, though I would appreciate the advice of the experienced members here for which system to go for, bearing in mind that ideally I want it hard wired with remote keypads and internet connectable. Thanks!
  4. Hi al-yeti, thanks for your replay. I’ve thought about the Honeywell alarms as I’ve already got the Evohome heating system. I cant seem to get much specifics about the Honeywell stuff though. Ie, introduction timelines of when the panel was introduced, if it is web enabled and wether it is rf only, hybrid or wired. Is the Honeywell flex the latest one? Do you know when it was released? thanks again! Paul
  5. Lol! Mr data, I like your style! (I find a Spectrum emulator works well on an i7, though the keyboards are now tricky to get hold of!) i like the the look of the iON 40H, though I would guess the iON 16 would suit my domestic needs far better. I’ll have a deeper delv into Eaton (Scantronics?), thanks. Paul
  6. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me...?! I’ve had the pleasure of using A DA Abacus alarm with 2 remote keypads for many a happy year with no problems at all! Ideally, I want to carry on using this rock solid piece of kit, but I would now like the ability to be able to access the status and control the panel remotely (via the internet). As it stands, I don’t think this is possible? But, if I could interface to the expansion bus that the keypads are on, then I should be able to do with, for example, an internet connected raspberry pi that I can do with a keypad. Does anyone have any info on the comms used to/from the keypads and the protocols used? Or, worse (more expensive case) could anyone recommend a new alarm panel that I could retrofit in the Abacus position, using the existing sensors and cables etc but one that is connected to the internet? Any ideally that will still be able to use the existing keypads?? Asking a lot I know! Thanks in anticipation. Paul
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