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  1. It was easier to spend time seeing if i could fix the alarm myself than spend the time convincing my letting agent to fulfill their part of the bargain! But i've shown them your responses and now we will get an engineer - thanks everyone!
  2. Ha, thanks both. My agent told me to google it. Would you say it needs an engineer then, and it's not something I could sort myself?
  3. Hi folks - anyone got any wisdom to share? We have a Veritas R8 installed in our rented bungalow (I think - that's what it says on the control panel). We never use it as we have a cat... Lately it's been going off a lot. The box for it is up in the loft. We hear it making a noise and then you go to the control panel. It isn't doing anything. If you push buttons the control panel starts beeping. Put in the code and it stops. Happening about twice a day. Also the light outside is flashing intermittently for hours and sometimes it won't turn off at all. I really just want to disable the whole thing - can anyone tell me how?
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