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  1. I came on this site looking for SQL talk and maneuvers, back end excel use to edit scripts, batch files to manipulate database etc. However, I realize I would need trade status to even see if any knows there stuff and unfortunately in order to stay anon. I cannot disclose who and what I do so wont even try. So I guess I will have to make do with jokes, as most of the posts are quite old.
  2. Yale??? never heard of that lol. You guys are killers! Nah I really specialize in top gear called visonic, ever heard of this.... And I still install logic 4 control panels with 60 ccts in parallel - the key-switch panel type. Lol
  3. And the banter begins.... I am only 104, thats young! Been around since the end of days - diodes and batteries to CPA6, Europlex, Scanny's 9500 etc, Armbell, Jablotron, DA systems, exec 1000's, Galaxy, menvier, Lutron systems, structured wiring, Crestron, Opus, Legrand, ACT, C-Cure, UVMS Pettards, Geovision, Came, BFT, FAAC, Maxpro, Milestone,Easikey 1000, Comlit,Yaughts, 20 bed mansions, Malls in the caribean, Airports around the world and many other military applications including long range microwave transmission CCTV over 6 miles.... Pulled all that from Dave on goo
  4. LoL, all good fun though, maybe I should start a topic about 40 tube and wire frames in series and the circuit wont set and all you have is a lit lamp which meant fault... any takers???
  5. Hi there all, my name is Red, for the purposes of this forum, not being clever, its my initials! I have been around the game for 32 years, makes me sound old... Started out as a YTS apprenticeship when it actually meant something, always was into electronics as a child, once used an automatic solenoid car window opener and made an electronic lock for my bedroom in 1984... C+G 236 pt 1.2.3, C+G 224 pt 1.2, C+G 185 pt 1.2.3. and many more. Came via Lander Alarms owned by the then RMC group, Modern alarms, Modern Security Systems, ADT, Secom, then pretty much 20
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