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  1. UPDATE: the alarm has now been tested fully for over two weeks - four days at full set - and all is well. Once again a big thank you to all who helped me. It was very much appreciated.
  2. Top man Peter James - I started to work through your suggestions and as I did so I also did a visual inspection of the connections in the control panel. As I touched the zone 7 (false alarming) the yellow cable which is the alarm cable fell out of the connector. I noticed more than 50% of the multi core wire had broken away. I double checked the rest - all were OK. I'm going to soak test over the next few days. I had only checked the internal battery which was fine. I appreciate that this may not be the problem but its a good starting point. I have one more question. Is it possible to programme the FA zone out of the system? Or do I need to disconnect the zone in the CP. I am going away for month of February and If the problem persists I would like to set at least part of the alarm. I must thank you once again for your time and input on this it is very much appreciated. Whilst I'm happy around handling electronics and looking at the physical side of things, the old brain slows down a bit after time. Back in the late 60's I worked on fighter aircraft radio systems and their wiring. Lets hope the problem is fixed.
  3. Thank you I understand what you are saying. I'll check it first thing tomorrow.
  4. Thank you for your input on this problem. I can check your suggestions and see what I come up with.
  5. Many thanks for your input on this. I will work through your suggestions and see what I come up with. Not to sure how to test your first suggestion as the viper zone is the only one that is indicated on the control panel.
  6. The vipers are The system does FA on full set - its the same viper zone that is activated - but no viper LED flashing?
  7. This is a guess but bare with me. If the viper has wires in both 24hr and alarm terminals would that make it double poled? infact all terminals have been used.
  8. The pir is a separate circuit. The false alarm happens when it's on part set perimeter only. It's always the same viper zone that shows is activated.
  9. The two vipers form part of a perimeter protection for use at night. the room also has pir detection as backup when house is vacant.
  10. On the walk test when the viper is knocked the lights do come on. They are reset when the alarm is reset. Thanks for the info on Blitz.
  11. I am the system owner. The company I was with has been taken over by another. Not happy with new company so have cancelled service contract.
  12. Many thanks for your prompt reply. This is has been a fully serviced system since it was fitted. The standby battery was replaced last October on its annual service.
  13. Can anyone help with a bit of fault diagnosis on a viper (x2) circuit This is an older Scantronic system where I am getting false alarms on a circuit with two vipers - about eight(8) years old. Strangely neither viper LED flashes after false alarm. When walk tested both vipers flash as they should. I have checked the internal viper wiring and all good. Question is this a viper problem or wiring. Any help would be good - thank you.
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