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  1. thank you for advice i think it was a mixture of the skill top open locks and safes mixed with the **** job market, plus the 16 year old that kind of wanted to say be job was contract thief, ill stick to doing it for fun and not a job. it was just a random idea if you have skills and the passion for something why not try to make it a career thanks again for the help and advice
  2. just had a idea if the above is not possible how does one get to work for safe manufactures i assume they pay crackers to test there new packs same as i assume lock manufactures do maybe thats a root to take instead as being the person that helps people who locked there keys in the house i have the skills why not get payed for it
  3. thanks for the input this thought exercise came about because me and my friend were walking down the high street and theres a jeweler and my friend noticed the alarm panel and said its terrible and easy to disable and i checked the back door lock is equally terrible and ease to open. the safe has a an old three wheel pack that i have experience with all we would need is someone that can disable the wifi cctv cameras i want to tell the owner but would we get in trouble. i see businesses with terrible door locks i also see people still running there security on windows xp thanks agai
  4. hi don't know if this is the right place but my question is like pen testers testing computer security remotely, are there jobs that test physical security as my uncle was a locksmith and safe cracker legally and he taught me both i started when i was 8 im 16 now and i have a friend that has skills with alarms(he disabled his own house with ease) we were thinking is there a job that pays teams(physical version of red teams) to plan and physically break into a building and steal a prearranged item find holes in security so we can fix them before people with bad intentions break in and if n
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