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  1. Hi SixwheeledBeast, I am not sure of the model, just Optima Compact at the moment, when i get home from work later this evening i will find out the model and post on here, hopefully you may be able to help me Regards
  2. Thank you for the update on this, I will try and source an engineer to come and have a look at the problem, any contacts in the West Yorkshire area?
  3. To be honest, I purchased an ex council property and the alarm was already installed, it has been in for quite a number of years now, it just seems to activate and random times and also doesn't always reset first time, could it be a battery problem maybe, I don't think the battery has been exchanged for quite a long time
  4. Hello and thank you for accepting me, Hopefully someone can help me, I am having problems with my optima compact alarm, the alarm system keeps going off at random times, mostly in the middle of the night waking us and most of our neighbours up, it has no set pattern and goes off even when not set, can anyone advise me what the problem maybe please
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