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  1. Well Eggybum, at first i thought you were exaggerating, so i did what a good installer should always do, i recreated the situation and tested. I concur, it is not a wise thing to forget. So to conclude, do not wash your hands in chilli, then rub your hands on the old saggy cannon. Official Report = Not wise, though repeating of this procedure can become pleasurable over time. There for ya dude......
  2. Voicemail, is that still going?. Not used mine for years....With txt, email and caller ID so easy now, i can't see the need. As for Dell, i have heard they are changing the name to something more appropriate, Dell-Boy and have set up a stall in Peckham market....
  3. Touchscreen is cack on a laptop. As for windows, it is the ultimate shiiiiiiit. Win Xp was ok and you could take control of it if you needed. Win 7 was ok, after 2 years of **** ups. As for win 8, well, what a bin of cack. It has so much going on that cannot be controlled that 8 gig of ram is the starting point, most of which is taken up with stuff you are not using. As for the interface, well, what the hell were they thinking. Luckily, win 10 looks just as bad if not worse. When will they learn that improvement does not mean a whole workflow change. Win 7 just needed updating and that would have been fine, instead, shish.... I have gone full Apple now. Even when a new o/s comes out, you don't have to spend months of frustration trying to understand it. It just is what it is and does what you want. Now with bootcamp you can have an un activated version of windows on to run any UDL programs required. VMware Fusion adds even quicker functionality to a windows OS. Go Mac, and they are cheaper than a midrange i5 or i7 PC, which is even better. Always buy on MacStore, never from the shops, man those dudes are cocks.....
  4. Lenovo Thinkpad are really good. Prob is windows bloody 8. For business it is just too messy. Yes, they are expensive, but if i went PC again, i would get another thinkpad, bloody cool machines and not full of ****. I have a couple, desktop and laptop, they are built to last and last and last. Great computer. However, their cheaper ones are real cack.
  5. There are some things that are good, but better as choices rather than solid rules. Especially Grade 2. Grade 3 i can sort of understand, but some of those guides are a bit crazy. I am not saying there should not be rules, just conform to EN, simple as.
  6. It is time it went. One rule for everyone, EN50131 only, sick of the British PD's. They are stupid, arranged just to show they are actually doing something and are actually counter productive to security. Time you went with a big boot lodged securely up your arses....
  7. Monday failed to pick up, when guaranteed to, wednesday failed to pick up when guaranteed to twice, now friday pick up. Don't tell me dell are a good company. Apple can do this incredibly well and so can most other companies, individuals from ebay, Yet!, the great dell cannot. Garbage. Buy one, have a problem and see where you are then. NEVER BUY DELL!!!!
  8. Beef Drink?....No, you do hotchoc or don do it at all. I am getting tired of trying to educate you heathens....And, no i have no idea what this thread is about, but i am still waiting for the morons from Dell to pick up. Its like being employed by the council, done one hours work and 7 hours hotchoc and sandwiches....waiting.....waiting.....waiting.....
  9. Ah, i get it, you lot work for DELL....Evil has struck the security market, it had to, it was inevitable.....Who, i ASK!, who will save the children......?
  10. Let me guess, user code 1234 engineer code ####, Yes 'Norman' i am psychic....Good job i did not have a go at B&Q chinese specials, that wold have really pissed you off....Dick-head....
  11. with a name like Norman?....and i am the fanny....obviously an electrician pretending to be an alarm installer. ****....and no, i am not a fan....
  12. Castle has ended?. I checked the websites last year and all Castle employees i knew have gone. Replaced by the Pyronix mugs. Very sad. Some of those guys were really good. I checked their Linkedin profiles and happily they have been picked up by some much better companies and have a future they deserve. Pyronix yab on about how British they are, Chinese products, getting rid of British workers, scrounging from the government to support their crappy ideas, (Our Tax). When you buy products, you should look at what kind of companies are making them. They have and always will think we are too stupid to know this.
  13. Never said anything about the laptops?....i said their service. Bloody installers, all frazzled by microwave radiation.....And i do not always complain. friggin cheek of it. And, i did not come down on Castle, i liked castle, it was when Py'Shiit'onix started messing around with them that i did not like. It was like Lada taking over BMW and shaping the future around Lada. Mmmm, they re not complaints by the way, as yet i cannot think of another word to use to prove my point, but i am sticking with it until i have been through the dictionary....
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