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  1. I would like to ask some questions relating to the Scantronic 9751/9752 please. Part of my electrical maintenance responsibilities is an intruder alarm system based on a Scantronic 9751 control board with hard-wired (9954) and RF (RFX08) expanders. The building, a church hall, is used by up to 40 keyholders all of whom are issued with proximity tags. I have a 9752 control board which I would like to use instead of the 9751 in order to have the ability to program and monitor the system using a laptop PC. I am registered with Cooper Security's "Touchpoint" and have been g
  2. I am responsible for a Scantronics system based on a 9751 control unit and a 9943 keypad. The system includes a 9955 RF expander which receives signals from two 734r RF door contacts fitted to emergency exit doors at opposite ends of a hall. The main entrance door to the building is fitted with a pair of wired contacts and their zone is programmed to activate the chime when the main door is opened with the alarm in the unset mode. During weekdays the hall is used by a playgroup who find the main entrance door chime useful to keep a check on anyone entering the building, although normally t
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