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  1. Tristy

    Avanti Xp Manuals

    Brill!! Thank you Anyone have any experience with these alarms. When I try and access the manager menu, I press the sound note icon and enter code, it prompts me to change code but I can't scroll the menu by pressing B like it says in the manual, it just beeps at me. I want to change the date/time and the user name that comes up. Any ideas?
  2. Tristy

    Avanti Xp Manuals

    Thanks all. Thanks for that manual, it looks like the manual to the LED version not the LCD like mine. I'll have a look to see if it works with mine
  3. Tristy

    Avanti Xp Manuals

    Oh right, wasn't really looking for engineer manual, I assume these would of come with user manuals for the average joe?
  4. Tristy

    Avanti Xp Manuals

    Im looking for manuals for which I think is a Avanti XP intruder alarm. So far Ive found nothing and was only given the user code from the guy who lived here last. The system looks like this Thanks

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