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  1. They gave it to me over the phone no problem, It's different for every client apparently. As to the installation of the system, that's Chubb SA for you. Their response time is excellent however, so I don't really mind what it looks like on the inside. I've resolved to not bother with it. It's actually just too much effort at the end of the day. I'd have to run a cable a long way as the box shown does seem full. It all is a little too complicated for such a small upgrade. I'll get them to do it the next time something goes wrong xD Thanks so much for the replies! Case closed.
  2. Hello everyone, I live in South Africa and I can't seem to find a local alarm DIY website so I'm going to try here, I hope that's alright. I have a Texecom Premier 832 that I would like to add a door magnetic contact to. I have electrician experience, but none with alarm systems. I woulds call my alarm company to do it, but they charge an astronomical call out charge, so I'm going to attempt to do it before calling them. I will attach pictures to show the location of the door and its proximity to current installed equipment. I need to know what I need to get, where to wire it in, and how to add it as a new zone to the system. Currently, the system is split into two areas. One for the Apartment and garage area (has it's own keypad), and one for the main house (has two keypads). The contact would need to be added to the garage and apartment area, not the main house (We often arm the independently, so this is very important). The reason I want to add a door contact is that currently there is an area of my garage that is not covered by the PIR that is already installed (as shown below). This photo shows the door I want to add the contact to: This shows the closest piece of equipment (the keypads are far away, and I assume it's the main box): This shows the proximity to each other: This shows the area unprotected by the PIR, thus the reason for the addition: Inside the box: I have the installers manual for the system, but it's rather difficult to follow and I haven't had much success with it. I have read about an engineers code, which I don't believe I have, so I will call the installation company for it if it is necessary. I'm really not sure what other information you need from me, my apologies, so please ask away and I'll do my best to answer them. Thanks very much!
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