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  1. Thanks Matthew and GalaxyGuy, cleared the errors and all is good, you two have been great the past few weeks with my questions. I do have some other questions to ask you (a bit later when I get some time) but just wanted to say thanks. It is a shame though about the same old swipes in every thread about the guy down the pub vs professional reputable engineer though, it effects the whole experience using forums, I've read this in nearly every thread. Maybe give the end user a choice rather than forcing an opinion on the end user. Personally I am happy with my system, how it is installed
  2. point taken. I want to learn it myself though and not rely on him anyway, that's why I'm asking, thanks.
  3. he set it up fine, it was me that messed it up.
  4. thanks how do I enable this please? actually I have been looking for an option 48 but cant find it? I type the 4 digit user code then press > what do I press next to find option 48 pls?
  5. hello please help! I had installed a galaxy g2 and I am having difficulty with it (it is not connected to a monitoring agency, it is standalone). I was playing with it (trying to learn it) and I triggered the intruder alarm and then tampered with the pir so I now have 2 error messages on the keypad.(intruder and tamper). I use my 4 digit user passcode and press '>' and I can scroll through the errors. I cannot clear them. When I scroll to the intruder message I get 'reset required', when I scroll to the tamper message I get 'ent to continue' when I press 'ent' I get 'engineers
  6. Meant to also say, would be good if I could switch the alarm on or off whilst out if needed, e.g. If I forgot to switch it on or in times where the wife asks have you put the alarm on and with my OCD have to re-check that it is switched on. That kind of thing. Also I would like to be notified on my phone to say if the alarm has been set off. You mention an app, is there a particular app you are referring to?
  7. I would like to control the alarm settings from a computer if possible, but be able to monitor activity from work or from abroad on holiday for example - to check up that things are ok a home. Sorry was using your example from earlier but I shouldn't have as I have misled you by doing that. Can you explain what a radio phob is and what a normal phob you hold to the keypad is please? in basic terms again is fine just so I can understand the basic functionality. Thanks
  8. Thank you very much for your help. I notice that there is the G2-20 and G2-44. Is there a reason why you steered me toward the G2 rather than the Flex that I was originally looking at? The Flex doesn't seem to cost that much more. Also I am presuming that the G2-20 would be sufficient for a 3 bed semi and G2-40 would be more suitable to bigger properties? I have been looking at Honeywells 'G2 chart' and I have some further questions if you would be so kind to oblige: - What are the dimensions of each box stated above? I was thinking to install it above my front door next to the
  9. So do I understand this correctly, the Galaxy G2 can be used as a 'stand-alone' alarm, or it can be used in conjunction with taking out a monthly contract with a monitoring company? I was actually trying to avoid paying a monthly fee which is why I was originally looking to monitor it myself. Are there any options for self monitoring out there that work well? I think I need to keep it as a simple system for now. It will be wired to the consumer unit and would have 4 PIR sensors (two downstairs, two upstairs), two door sensors (front and back). Would need aa keypad and at least a cou
  10. Thank you very much for the very detailed answers. I admit this is very new territory for me so I am thankful for your advice. Please could you tell me what you mean by a monitoring station? By this do you mean a monthly payment monitoring scheme or like a PC somewhere that I would monitor myself? When you say monitoring station I picture a security guard sitting back on a chair with their feet on the table keeping an eye on a grid of monitors eating crisps - or it just could be that I watch too many films ) Sorry for these simplistic questions, just trying to get my head around it
  11. No he does not really fit alarms as far as im aware but I understand, thank you. I am happy to get a security engineer to install it if need be, I didn't realise an electrician wouldn't be recommended to install it.
  12. Hello I really need some advice about a burglar alarm. I would like to purchase a burglar alarm and my sparky friend to install it for me. I have been researching different types and one that I came across that is very highly recommended is the Honeywell Galaxy range. I am looking at the Flex 20 which even though seems to be in the low end of Galaxy range, I think it would be more than adequate for my 3 bed semi. I like the concept of the system of how easily expandable it is, should I wish to add features to it at a later date. Additionally, I still have the cables in place from an ol
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