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  1. And reply to paul.. The premises comprises of normal offices at the front and workshop at the rear, and they make massive plastic bags which fit inside of shipping containers to carry cheap wine around easily, so they use heated elements to seal the plastic,
  2. We are talking a lot about switching, but we could really use a panel that has built in analyzers as 75% of our domestic jobs are perimeter protection, company started with itec, mircotec, then aritech panels, again we never had these problems before, Anyways update on the job, I found a 8way 110 transformer pluged in to the same circuit as the MSPSU was spurred from, the customer has said it was brought roughly the time the problems started!!!!! No tampers since it was moved, but it is still early days, fingers crossed and all that
  3. Not sure on the mains reading I'll check next visit. And ACT filters were the first thing I tried normally work great, but not this time, I also fitted spike suppressors
  4. I haven't checked each end of line connection (4x contacts HD 2G, 4x texecom QDs) as the faults are in no pattern or on the same device it's always a mixture of zones, but usually 2 at a time. The MSNODE was straight out the stores and not pre used There is no connection with times however I have never been called out after 10pm the business works 7am till 9pm The CU is powered from the office side of the building, a stardard RCD DB style, on its own breaker, the MSPSU now PSU is spurred from a socket in the workshop which is 3 phase, my next thought is to change the phase, We have been
  5. Right I have a job which has been installed and working perfectly or for 2 years, then six weeks ago it started to go wrong. The job has a Scantronic 65en installed 3x rkps all wired on network 1, Next to the control panel there is a msnode address 2 wired on network 2, There is also an mspsu address 1 wired on network 2 fitted about 50m away, All detection devices are wired 2k/4k As I said the job was working fine, then I started getting random tamper faults on the devices wired on the mspsu so zones 2011 to 2018, no standard tamper faults on any of these zones, all zones are wired on i
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