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  1. Having spent ages checking everything i have come to the conclusion that the pcb must be faulty. Obviously this alarm is discontinued so can anybody recommend a suitable replacement for this alarm? It has 15 id-plus zones with one remote keypad. To keep work to a minimum i would just like to replace the panel and rkp if at all possible.
  2. not the keypad just the main box to reset the engineer and managment codes
  3. I have metered the switch and its working ok. The switch has a spring on it so just to be sure i have taped the tamper switch down but its still reporting a box tamper fault.
  4. The only thing i have done is open the main box, reset the codes and closed the box. It says it has a box tamper fault but i have refitted the link to the 2 tamper contacts within the box. It had no faults displayed before i opened the box.
  5. i recently moved into a property that had an ADE Captiv-8 alarm system fitted however as the property was empty i did not have teh alarm codes. I reset the codes as per the engineering manual instructions: - The engineer code and manager code have now been reset to default, i can scroll through the enginners facilities ok however i cannot access the managemnt menus as it now says it has a box tamper fault. I have removed the link above and refitted the link to the tamp circuit. Anybody know how to clear this fault it was not present before i did the reset as there were no faults disp
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