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  1. Once again, many thanks for your help. Yes, I do have the engineer code. How would I tell if it is am elite or standard? Also is it hard to programme the new control panel from the wintex software, to me it seems simpler than on the control panel??
  2. Thanks for your help, so basically I need to replace the 24 with a 48. The worrying part is completely reprogramming the new system as I am unsure without checking every detector how my 24 was installed. Is there a way of sucking the settings out of the 24? possibly with a comIP and pushing them into the new system? Just a thought as I may add a comIP anyway. Chris
  3. Hi I am a DIY installer but have reasonable knowledge of my system. I have just finished converting the second part of my barn. (Funds finally allowed). I have star wired back to a hub all sensors required in new section, including fire alarms. In my current part that I live in, I have a Texecom 24 with one zone expander. My issue is I only have 1 zone left on current system and another zone expander, which I believe is my limit will not surfice my needs. Am I best to swap the texe 24 for a 48, 88, or is there an easier way. Also my current control panel is locate
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