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  1. Fellas, I cannot thank you enough, particularly, Arfur Mo , we look to be back on track! I have just part set it, then gone up stairs for 15minutes, came back down and it has started bleeping away! And too think a few hours ago, i'd already got plans of pulling up boards and hardwiring a new alarm in this weekend! Once again to all involved thank you very much, I fancy a change from run of the mill sparking at the minute, so this might have to be an avenue to look down, certainly need to know your stuff tho! Thanks again Folks Rich :'> :'> :'>
  2. fellas, It has previously worked where coming down in the morning, would start the countdown. If i'm reading it properly, should it be a minimum of 4 minutes once again once I've gone upstairs for it to be active again? Rich
  3. Righto folks, we may be making some progress thanks to the advice. After removing/replacing the garage battery, leaving 4 mins and re activating, that seems to of cured the going off on setting! And now the panel is sitting happy with no 'warnings' Which firstly is brilliant fellas thanks. Next, we are back to the past couple of weeks observations! I have set it to part-set and gone upstairs, and came back down to it, and it still isn't going into pre alarm, I could do a jig in the hallway and its not activating the count down? Is there now anything to look at regarding this? Thanks once again fellas. Rich
  4. Well I must admit I seemed a little strange, same specs on the Duracell battery to the Sanyo that was removed, so I guess its just duracells way of marking up its batteries. Just changed the garage battery, so giving it 4 minutes before walking back in. Rich
  5. folks, will try this all now, all the batteries bar 1 now are new, so should I remove and replace again? As silly as it sounds the batteries are Duracell cr123 no A at the end? Would this cause any problems?
  6. Yup, I can go through all back to the first at 4 this morning, can go further, but just says set then unset etc over the last x amount. It just reads as PIR (then the device) of which all 5 are present at some point and the time it occurred. Each time it just says check. Rich
  7. Just a wireless PIR, that is the one that appears on the control panel when it goes into alarm, it says PIR Garage L! then underneath Check. I have checked it is back together properly, even put the original battery back in! Within a second or 2 of trying to set, just goes into alarm! Rich
  8. for the input matey, hopefully Adi will come through! Ta Rich
  9. Righto folks, firstly, I have just been sat on the sette and the alarm has gone off randomly! Been well over an hour since i'd last touched it! No engineers code, after a little research into changing the batterys, without it being a maintained system (as far as I know!) I had the master code, so took a cover off, entered the code, then changed all batteries and re entered the code. A couple of the sensors seemed to set a tamper, but not all which started to confuse me! All sensors activate as you pass/wave infront of them. Only other device I know of it the bellbox, no other node to speak of, just the control panel upstairs. Rich
  10. You were massively correct! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  11. Good afternoon folks, I'll try and describe my problems as clearly as possible as to avoid unnecessary confusion! We moved into our first house recently where there is a G tag control panel, which looks to be a 480 through googling! An unmarked control panel in a cupboard upstairs and 5 wireless PIRs in the house/Garage. Within the last couple of weeks, it has started to 'play' up. When the alarm has been set, either part or full, it had stopped going into pre arm when the sensor by the panel was activated, being wireless I thought it may of been a battery, but before I could try that (which I have since being home but will fill you in on that after this.) This morning (at 4.00am which was pleasant) when I came downstairs and 'unset' the alarm, it went into alarm, I entered our code and it the alarm stopped. My fiancée then went back to bed as I left and reset it for downstairs which it did quite happily. Then when she tried to leave for work it would not set and kept going into alarm. So I picked up some batteries on the way home thinking it may solve the problem. Before changing the batteries, I tried the alarm again and it was still the same, would just constantly go into alarm, I have gone round and changed the batteries thoughout, but this hasn't changed matters! So at current, it is just sat there saying 'check garage' etc and when set for alarm, just goes off bananas! If anybody could shine any light it would be massively appreciated. Rich
  12. Afternoon all, I have signed up to hopefully tap into the massive wealth of knowledge i'm hoping to find on here! Have recently moved into our first house which had an alarm fitted, till now its been ok, but has thrown up a couple of problems this morning/today! I'm an electrician by trade, but mainly industrial so very very rarely touch alarms, sometime we will install cables/nodes/bells etc, but never have a sniff of the programming!! Will put a post in the appropriate area, and keep my fingers crossed for some help folks, Rich
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