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  1. Thanks Matthew, very good of you to offer, I have all the pdf manuals however i have been asked for paper copies. I'll have to print out this end if they are unavailable
  2. Are these still available from Honeywell? I have tried there customer support but no answer unfortunately.. If anyone can lead me to contact details that would be really handy
  3. Thanks. Anything in paper form out there?
  4. Is there a regular publication for the industry, showcasing new equipment and news?
  5. Last week I was called to a site which was having problems with false alarms. Approx 4 mins after the system was set it would activate. The fault events showed an activation from a wireless detector and from another wireless zone - a viper. This other zone displayed "ch0v" ? The wireless zones showed 10/00 in the zone readings and the rf portal showed 100% comms. Any ideas would be apreciated. Thanks.
  6. wow that was quick! Thank you
  7. E-mail sent. Thanks for the advice
  8. yes i do however i am leaving my current job in 2 weeks, part of the reason i have joined here is i feel i will need to access a lot of manuals etc due to my new role using different systems. You can also get a bit rusty if you have been used to the same panels over the years..
  9. Fair enough I understand it's important to be vetted. After looking around at the subject threads and replies I can see there's a lot to be gained from joining up.
  10. Hi, Simply because I'm cautious regarding sharing personal information
  11. I rate the enforcer, never had any issues with any installations whatsoever so they get my vote everyday
  12. Hello there. I'm currently working for a nacoss approved installer, glad to have found this site as I feel it will be very beneficial. Is it straight forward to become a trade member? I'm a bit reluctant to send my ID card through but if that is the only way to join I guess I'll have to. Thanks
  13. Mine never changes either.
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