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  1. dave ferguson

    Karizma Plus

    ! your on my xmas list!
  2. dave ferguson

    Karizma Plus

    Hi guys! Just seeing if anyone has a user manual link for the Karizma Plus. Going out tommorow to a customer who keeps asking for a user guide, even though its text format! Anything for a quite life! if you can help
  3. dave ferguson

    Bt Redcare

    Bit late to reply, but he would not wait due to the rugby match being on! sat evening
  4. dave ferguson

    Bt Redcare

    Just returned back. Just needed a engineer reset due to line being off yesterday. Reset with the onsite engineer code and cleared fault from yesterday. how easy! Its a pitty It would not reset over the phone
  5. dave ferguson

    Bt Redcare

    I think its a green chip. Will be heading down there after having a late breakfast bacon butty. Will let you know the outcome. !
  6. dave ferguson

    Bt Redcare

  7. dave ferguson

    Bt Redcare

    Got a call to go out to tommorow. Scantonic 9752 with plug by line fault. Spoke to c/s and said that there was no line fault apart from the other day when bt where on site. So stu ok. fault would not clear, just kept coming up every time the customer tried to set? Im just wondering am I right in thinking that if the GSM has dropped out then it will share the same line fault relay? Just trying to get ahead of my self before I go out there.
  8. dave ferguson

    Optima Sl Compact

    Hi! I worked for ADE and I use to make the SL compact. Basically the same as the the optima compact. But check weather the connector block is in place where you see comms/ sound. We use to make a cheaper version for other wholesalers by removing components to bring the cost down. I think the company was SURE LITE (SL). But we made them for some other companys with there emblem. Some with the connector block some without. GOOD LUCK!
  9. dave ferguson

    Optima Xl6

    This sound like the the p.c.b. is more of a modern type with a XL6 facia, I would press the MEM button 0 reset. This should turn the chime of on all circuits if a different board inside. It certeinly wont do it any halm to try. I use to work at ADE making these and some of the first ones with chime you used to press the MEM button (memory). Due to its newness at the time the print on the keypad was not changed until later. Hope this answers your questions
  10. dave ferguson

    Buzzing Scantronic

    defaults the panel! can be your worst nighmare
  11. dave ferguson

    Buzzing Scantronic

    I had the same problem with a 9651 when they first come out. Tried putting insulation on the fins but only quietend down a bit. Just replace the transformer and sent the other one back. All was fine then!
  12. dave ferguson

    Buzzing Scantronic

    92 to test strobe 91 bells, we've still got some out there going strong until the next lighning storm!
  13. dave ferguson

    Ade Viper Shock Sensor

    One thing that baffled me when first fitting the new vipers, being the GL and the GLX. Sometimes the latch facility worked and then on other version it doe'nt. After a lot of playing around. I now know that the GL I think the ONE WITHOUT the dip switches needs to have the link cut 2nd along. Small snips needed. This will allow the set + to latch and reset nicely. As for the GLX this seems to work ok without moving the dip switches. Although its set up for double knock if you leave the dip switches as they are. anyway hope this helps anyone.
  14. dave ferguson

    scantronic 9800

    I would check weather the ac is present at the panel, and that you are not running it on a run down battery. Power down for 20 secs with battery disconected. Apply ac or 12v from a fully charged battery. Then add ac or battery. Put code in see if its not justed crashed on power up!
  15. dave ferguson

    Ladders on the roof

    I remember going to do an annual maintenance at a job in N Wales in the middle of nowhere. It was the worst entrance ever. I came around the corner and decided I would park up the drive at the side which had a plastic type roof over it. Well not realising the height of my small van. The T brackets stuck up that extra foot or so, when straight through the strip light and defuser. Should of heard the noise I s*** myself. The woman came out screaming thats the 2nd time that happened. I got constant abuse in my ear for 1 hour. Had to ring office and tell them the bad news. The light was replaced and all smiles in the end. Will not be doing that again in a hurry!

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