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  1. breff's post in Samsung Ptz Menu was marked as the answer   
    Most pelco I've used you have to set preset 95, not call it.
  2. breff's post in Problem With Veritas R8 - Beeps 10 Times When Setting was marked as the answer   
    Faulty battery
    Edit: Just seen you have changed it, are you sure it has mains power?
    If it does, power down completely then power up battery first then mains.
    Are you sure its 10 beeps and not nine? 9 is a tamper fault, 10 is a power issue
  3. breff's post in Ricochet System was marked as the answer   
    I would think you have a faulty panel. I've seen this with a faulty ricochet expander, it takes out the expanders being assigned to it. I assume you have more than 16 wireless devices? If you have less than 8 it takes one expander slot, 9-16 takes 2 slots, 17-24 3 slots and 25-32 takes 4 slots.
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