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  1. Hopefully not, but word of mouth has been a good lead for some time now. We typically avoid home installs usually.
  2. Yes, not bad. Just a dent in reputation I guess.
  3. Outcome is one highly miffed customer. As instructed, I had to remove the perfectly working new panel. Thankfully I had pushed the existing pir cables back into the ceiling and covered by the new pir, I was able to use some thin pliers to pull the cables back into play. Re-wired, re-zoned and commissioned. She was happier than when we'd shown her the new system, but I soon wiped that smile off her face when she saw the bill. She was somewhat annoyed with me because I had the audacity to charge her for the time I spent installing and commissioning of the new one, and then the old one again. Needless to say, there's now a marker on that customer and we will not be returning. Got her to sign a form stating we are not providing any form of warranty on the old kit we have had to replace which added to the already impressive bulldog-chewing-a-wasp face that she'd been pulling. The new system has been re-coded this afternoon, and is out to a new customer tomorrow. Thanks again, to everyone here for the assistance in getting my head round the learning/mesh networking.
  4. Did all that, thought it would help too. I told her I was fitting the large text screen - I was then accused of calling her blind. Just because she'd old blah blah ... There's nothing wrong with the kit I used - I think the size of the RKP put her off initially, and then the "mess" on the screen with the areas etc tipped her over the edge. I hate picky customers. There's next to no margin in it for two days of hassle. Agreed, this would be a good feature in that setup - but she didn't want the house zoning other than omits for upstairs at night time so I wasn't able to sell that to her. I was just never going to win I fear.
  5. Yes, I did that. It still shows Area A at points though, especially if it went into an alarm condition. As she'd old, there's a fair chance that will happen despite going over many times, the potential routes into the house and configuring the system in a rather tolerant manner without reducing the protection too much. She didn't like much about it to be honest. The tones it made, the "tiny" LCD on a "huge" RKP. I spent most of the day defending the kit before I lost interest. I will say though, I do a number of jobs where the zone count is fairly small (<15) and partitioning really isn't needed. It's a shame I couldn't code this out.
  6. It could come to that. I've also been accused of not returning the walls to normal where the PIRs existed.
  7. I wish my customer took the same view. After it was all commissioned by 10am this morning, I was asked to remove the whole system. She doesn't like it. This is a first for me - never had a customer refuse a texe unit before, but the partitions haven't gone down well. I now have to find something different, even though we only work with texe gear. What panels in the range still offer non-partition setups? Oh, and it now has to be wired, not wireless apparently.
  8. Yes, I programmed them all just to appear in Area A. Any way of preventing "Area A" showing up when arming/disarming/reporting? The customer has told me it's confusing that it says "Front door active - Area A" when his previous Premier just said "Front door", for example.
  9. Thanks again for the advice, the alarm was configured before site visit and is all installed and relatively OK. However, if I may ask another question: Areas: When I used to install the wired-based Premiers, it was just zones, and I assigned them to part-arm or full-arm, and that was about it. Now, the new Elite 24-W's are looking like you code zone(s) into an area, and then you set or unset the area. Is my understanding correct? The 24-W is offering me two areas, but for a 14-zone system, which doesn't need segregating into "areas", this seems overkill. Is there a way to simply code the zones, and set up omit zones for the Part Sets, or do I have to do this through the Areas now? This leads me to think I have to set up one Area for Full-arm, and the second area for, say, Night arm? I am possibly getting myself muddled here. Any advice welcome.
  10. Thanks for that, appreciate it. I guess I'm a bit late to the wireless game. How did you know my van was messy? All coded and configured although getting an Expander 1 Tamper error and "box" tamper despite all tamper loops looking ok so got a few things to check off.
  11. Yes, I think I was more concerned that once I'd learnt/configured at the office, would the mesh be affected once on site - as in did the sensors learn their route/path back to the panel and not adjust for this once on site after a power down. From what you guys have said, sounds like leaving it powered up with the tampers open for 15/20 mins on site, they'll reestablish the mesh in the new building.
  12. Thanks, appreciate the help from everyone.
  13. Thanks PSE. With regard to putting it into commissioning mode, as devices will be learnt when I get to site, do you mean pressing Omit to bring up the learn function (or Engineer Utilities > Configure Radio), or is there a command to actually put the unit into commission mode? I've not found that in the manual yet.
  14. This is what I was thinking. I've done the site survey already, have planned the install, so thought I could in effect build the system up before I go. Then power down and ship out the kit to be sited. I think my concern was wondering if the 15/20 mins you're meant to leave the network to establish would mean the devices would learn their hop-route and that was that, which obviously configuring at the office would be a different mesh to what was onsite. If I can configure and then put into commission mode/walk test then I'll go with that. The PIRs mention if they're powered down for longer than an hour, they could take up to two hours to come back online - would throwing a tamper on each device force it to re-communicate with the panel quicker?

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