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  1. Step away from the box! If you were replacing a fuse with the power connected, you're a little mad.. You'll kill yourself if you carry on!
  2. I've a Texecom P24 self-installed... When the alarm goes off, the bell sounds for 15minutes (correct) and the strobe continues forever (correct). The internall alarms/sounders follow the bell, though i.e. terminate after 15minutes. Can I configure it in some way to carry on?
  3. Even a correcly fitted one can be disabled.... There are only 7 or 8 (can't remember) dip switches to select the house code. So that's 128 or 256 combinations... Since the alarm has no hack-attempt timeout, I can just sit outside with a key fob and try all the combinations in about 2 minutes, and turn the alarm off.. So I didn't buy one.
  4. Don't think so - I've been looking for the same feature... I'm currently considering opening the control pad and putting a bit of tape over the 'Chime' key contact ) (I don't think it's used for anything else, is it?) Alternatively, on the 48, can't you use a timer to enable chime at certain times? Maybe that could be coerced into keeping it on a lot?
  5. For completeness, in case someone googles this question, I'd better correct myself.. Monteeeey was right - you _can_ set the dialler output to be +ve on line fault - there's an additional output type specifically for this one. (You can't, say, invert the 'call busy' output). I didn't notice because it's not available using the WinTex software - only by programming using the dialler keypad itself ( Incidentally, I don't believe either that: a) The output is open collector - it's got a pull-up(/down) resistor.. I think the dialler spec. is wrong in the installer's manual B) The Premier 24 line fault input isn't 'remove -ve for fault' it's 'apply +ve for fault' which is subtly different... Yours, Pedantically, A. !
  6. Could you possibly point me at the option name or page number, 'cos I can't see where the outputs can be inverted... (The inputs can, but not the outputs) The dumb idea was that, on the tiny chance of someone deciding to cut the phone cable, then setting off the internal and external sirens might be a good idea. And, ditto to the above... I can't see where the line fault input or the dialler output states can be inverted. Are you sure it's possible?
  7. Argh... Thought it'd be sensible to connect the dialler to the control panel, to notice, record and deal with line faults. Two problems: 1) Dialler outputs are 'switched negative'. Control panel line fault input is '0v removed to indicate fault'. Hence they're not compatible? Really? Can't I connect my Texecom dialler to my Texecom control panel to sense line faults? Or should I do it a different way? (Yes, I could connect it to a zone input, but that'd require a relay and a spare zone!) 2) If there's a solution to (1), then I can't see a way to get the panel to alarm if there's a line fault... (Which I thought might be sensible..) Again, I could do so if I connected the line fault to a zone, but is there an alternative way?
  8. I think you're also advised to put a diode across the contacts to protect the panel outputs aren't you? As per the premier installation guide...
  9. . That's sorted it. I had noticed that option, but assumed it related to any on-board coms I (didn't have) installed... The installation manual isn't very clear?
  10. The dialloer really isn't the problem! If I change the connected output's programming to be triggered on, say 'Bell SAB', then the alarm goes off and the dialler dials. Put the programming for the output back to "Alarm", or "Intruder Alarm" and it doesn't dial. The output simply isn't changing state if it's programmed to one of those outputs.
  11. Texecom's. The dialler's fine. The issue is that the control panel's output doesn't trigger on alarm. Shouldn't the '[General] Alarm' and 'Intruder Alarm' output sources go 'true' when I set the alarm off by waving at a PIR?
  12. Yes - 30 seconds. That works fine. Alarm goes off (internal sounders only) for 30 seconds, then the outside bell & stobe kick in. But I need the dialler to dial out on alarm, so had connected it to an output set to output function 0 "Alarm". But that didn't trigger.... Basically, the question is when is the "Alarm" output supposed to go off?
  13. Part set - yes (sorry). I can't see any 'full alarm in part set' option anywhere..? Any clues?
  14. Are there known issues with Premier 24 panel outputs, or am I reading the manual incorrectly...? I just used WinTex diagnostics to watch the Control Panel / Alarm/Armed settings, then set and triggered a part alarm. The 'Internal Alarm' lit, then, after 30 seconds, 'Stobe' and 'Bell SAB' came on. (I've a 30 second part-alarm timer set..) But 'Alarm', 'Guard Alarm' and 'Intruder Alarm' all stayed off, when I'd have expected them all to come on as soon as the alarm was triggered? Where am I being dumb?
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