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  1. I changed the main supply filter capacitor for one that had a higher voltage years ago - probably before I fitted the panel. I think it was under-rated. The panel has been going into alarm even when unset but I don't think it is the tamper loop. I have a feeling that it was a zone that is not used and is linked out! I am not near the panel - on my parent's garage. I can cast an eye over the soldering when I take it out but I think I have done that as well!
  2. Quality over quantity :-) I have been side-tracked by so many things over recent decades
  3. I will be pulling an XM6 out in the next month or two if you are interested. It dates from around 1994 and has a spurious fault
  4. Thanks for the wlecome - I didn't realise that I joined 5 years ago but never posted! Obviously just lurking
  5. I am looking at installing a wired system to my own house and as it has been a while since I looked at the panels avaialable I wondered what you guys would recommend. The house is a 3 bed detached with a tandem garage so I would be looking at an 8 zone panel with just one RKP. The panels I have in mind are: Texecom Veritas Excel - not keen on the RKP but I have fitted before and is OK Guardall Rx16 Eurosec CP8L I just wondered what Honeywell are like these days? I don't like ADE (although part of Honeywell) and some of the Menvier RKP are a little ugly for siting in the hall. Any information, opinions and advice is welcome and appreciated. Thanks
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