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  1. joke all you want its all fine untill I can get my veritas 8 in
  2. hope you have the ticket ready for tonight then cos the system is up and running 100%
  3. Just an update guys, The code that I had been given was incorrect so not off to a great start, I shorted out the NVM pins on power up battery first and luckily the engineer who had fitted it didn't enable the security option for it , I have also noticed that the tamper has just been shorted and not connected on any of the sensors, also the tamper on the panel had been cut and just bypassed so I have fitted the new PIR's that I have and wired the tamper correctly, ran new cable to move the keypad and for a new sensor, tested it all first and then set off programming. so far all is well, I keep doing a walk test and works every time. Im not saying the panel is good but I guess im just one of the lucky ones that has a working panel, well at least for now.
  4. thats fine I have the manual with me just was hoping for a bit of advice anything that may speed the process up before I start tomorrow
  5. The situation im currently in means I cant purchase it, if I could I would. I have to make the most out of a bad situation im afraid
  6. Im not saying they are good panels, you guys are the engineers, I would rather use the veritas that I have in the garage but I dont have a keypad for it, so the only other option I have is to make use of the existing panel and rkp
  7. thats the one, its been in this house for a few years, iv been in it for a few month, it sets and works fine for me, I have done a walk test and it works 100%, I just want to replace and add a few sensors, Im not currently able to purchase a different panel but I do have several door contacts and PIR's boxed new so it wont cost me anything to add them. I do have a veritas 8 in the garage which is just for the garage, I put it there before I had the engineer code for this Sterling 10, I would put the veritas 8 in the house and just have the garage added on as a zone but I dont have a rkp for it and the place where the panel is mounted isn't accessible for arming and disarming 24/7
  8. Well it didnt crash the walk test on set A or B.
  9. the programming the zones, just a help in advance before I go digging out the manual.
  10. The panel works, the reed switch also works just needs re-wiring. I will be adding them as individual zones. Thanks
  11. But it doesn't help the situation im in does it, I came here for advice.
  12. If your not going to help please don't bother posting.
  13. Right so I have a Pyronix Sterling 10 in my property but until yesterday I didn't have the codes for it, It has 3 PIR's and 1 Reed Switch, 2 of the PIR's need replacing as someone has painted over the bottom part of them, also the reed switch is no longer working as someone has cut through the cable and then instead of rewiring they have just disconnected it in the panel, so in total I need to replace 2 PIR's, 1 Reed Switch and then add another 3 Reed Switches. I do have an engineers manual somewhere for it which I can dig out but I wondered if you could offer any advice or anything. Sorry for the long message, Thanks in advance
  14. yeah I had the manual infront of me so just quicky programmed it and sorted, once again thanks very much
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