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  1. @ThomsonCares hi Beth thanks, we are feels very much like wadding through treacle though, will be speaking to them again tomorrow...

  2. In principal I agree with Matthew, subbies should correct their mistakes, but is this truly the subbies mistake? Surely he should have just fitted the panel ensured it was set-up for remote connection and the rest is up to the guys back in the office?
  3. Thanks guys, As I say am new to the forum, I will admit my main purpose here is to build a portfolio of good reliable sub-contractors. That said however I have 20 years experience in the industry much of this spent on installation so I would like to think I can also offer a little help and advice to the less experienced members. I would also be interested to hear peoples thoughts on the question of - on the books engineers vs sub-contract engineers?
  4. Hello all, New to the forum, thought I'd just drop in and say hi.
  5. We are looking for reliable, quality Sub Contractors for CCTV, Intruder and Access Control projects, mostly around Yorkshire and the Midlands but we do have some nationwide projects. We are Looking for: - Experienced professionals working to NSI Standards (Must provide recent references) Hold Current CSCS, ECS or equivilant Hold Current IPAF PL insurance of £1M minimum Must have own Van, Ladders, Drills, Tools etc (specialist tools provided as required) We Offer: - Good rates, Hour, Day and Job rates available Good Payment terms, usually 21 days from completion Regular
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