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  1. Well ive got a spare netgear router that im gonna try next time im there hopefully this should sort it just seems weird that all port forwarding is set up but then after a cpl of days it un enables itself other than that everything works fine even the swann dvr lol Thanks for all help ill keep you posted if it sorts it
  2. Hi thanks for replys i insisted on a different dvr but customer wanted this cheap option from maplin lol . i know the dvr works fine its just with the router wich was already installed on premises . im gonna try a different router to see if problem still persists Wich routers do you use ? . Thanks again
  3. Hi im new on here been installing cctv equipment for a few tears now , recently installed a swann dvr 8-1200 (cusomers choice ) dvr is working fine connected to network but every now and again router keeps disabling firewall options wich stops it viewing through iphone and net . customer is useing a belkin wireless g router when u go on router settings its unenabled its self ! click enable and its fine for a few days . Just wondering if any 1 else has come across this problem Thanks
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