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  1. honeywell galaxy grades of panel; galaxy 8 8 plus 16 16 plus ungraded old format galaxy 18, 60 500 ungraded old format galaxy G2 12 G2 20 G2 44 grade 2 galaxy G3 48 G3 144 G2 520 grade 3 galaxy flex 20 flex 50 grade 2 galaxy GD 48 etc etc grade 3 hope this helps
  2. years a go i did some contract work for that firm, using the UK Fire logo when the real UK Fire was still in business!!!! dodgy to say the least not that it makes any difference to me now, as work for a firm now, its soooooooooo relaxing i do the work, i come home, and no paperwork, quotes, invoicing and chasing to do anymore. and a pay cheque every month!!!!
  3. also remember that you do not get a manual with the GD48 but you get a disk with the flex, but personally i would go for a GD48 stable and a bloody good bit off kit!!! Oasis a security and fire detection engineer now not working for himself, working for a firm.
  4. another dig eh, carry on. i really dont give a sxxt anymore about snide comments by so called proffesionals
  5. if i had known the hassel i get from every angle i would have never left the electrical industry!! yep i am a FULLY qualified electrical engineer, but the one thing i do like is when i get a happy client that really does understand what we do for them and likes what we do. (and does not winge on the price!) Oasis you never know we might still be here in a few months, but i cannot see a way out of it at the moment.
  6. well there, we dont have enough comms based ssytems, as most other firms only want the comms systems! audible dont seem to cut it anymore, but an install is an install! anyway we dont use ATS! we only fit galaxy!!!! and yep we are SSIAB and proud of it, as we keep our docs up together. Oasis and a personal thingy, i hate ATS, far to complicated for an intruder alarm, GE should have left it as an access control system, as per what it was originally designed for, TKMaxx has ATS all over, and from being called out to the Croydon site, many years ago took one look at it and thought, what the hell do i do with this?
  7. Peter, avenue alarms don`t exist anymore, sold out to the alarming company, CIA bought a few others, County security systems (css) have bought a couple as well its only us litlle firms that are still here, well i am, just, but i dont think i will be long in this guise. as the bills just aint stopping! and we are not winning the jobs anymore. at home in yeovil, do see quit a few of your external sounders around, compeating with the three letter firm (not AxT)? Oasis
  8. i find this thread rather funny! as a qualified electrician, and a suitable qualified and registred intruder and fire alarm engineer i, like most of us, have come accross disturbing cables and connection points on a weekly basis! i ahve just come back from a CCTV install (finish off job, sign off etc) the builders mate is making off connections in a three phase mains board to feed a dishwasher!! the board is still live and he has no test equipoemnt, all he has is a stanley screwdriver and a pair of combimnation plyers, no earth sleeving. also i found out that he fitted the three spurs i needed and the double unswitched socket outlets! so, just to make sure before final connection of kit, i removed the accessories and had a look, all were wired wrong phase/neutral earth cut off!!!! so we approached the owner, he reply was, `it works dont it!`, yep we re wired and re connected the supply the reason why, i want the cheque from the building owner!!! yep i find em everywere!!! (not that difficult really!) some sarks i have worked with a bloody good, but alop do not understand the regs Oasis
  9. i think i will stick to Honeywell Galaxy wireless. and its cheaper!! and i trust it!! Oasis but for those who dont know and do not have our ability and expertise its a good idea
  10. not at all, i just like to be uber busy!!! been off line for a while, and will be for about another 72 hours, ISP are having trouble with the new phone system installed to our main office
  11. morning, we have been looking at our work load for the next few months, and all seems rather quiet on the southern front, so if any of you need a body, and mate if needed, in the southern area of this country give me a call. fully insured, recognised company, with all the usual tools, and experienced in intruder alarms (prefer gaalxy, but can fit almost anything else) fire detection, emergency lighting CCTV and if needed access control, (but not that much, as we dont do alot of it!) John
  12. yes paul, we are opening a satelite branch in yeovil. the reason is, because we can, and i also live there. also there are so many ubtapped sites there, and i would rather take there hard earned money then let it go to the bigger firms and it will be fun as well. Oasis
  13. if you want a bit of help, PM me and we can discuss the topic, yep SSAIB approved, comms no problem ARC connection no problem, Honeywell Galaxy trained engineer, but can do most other panels. WSM not a problem either, even though we are based in Hampshire we have a branch opening in Yeovil documentation is no prob, have you got a copy of what you need or do you need the relevant docs? Oasis
  14. same as a lot here; rock music via DAB set up in van (planet rock) radio 2 at 3 in the afternoon i dont EVER listed to radio 1 because its shxte! in the office; well anything really, from Jethro Tull to led zep, motorhead, to neil diamond and of course as i am a Pagan a hell of lot of music most of you lot will never have heard of, my favorite being Omnia, very good Oasis
  15. thats why we dont use em!!! when we collect a Galaxy panel and assorted kit, we know its compliant easy really Oasis
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