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  1. Earn more, ability to pick / choose work, own hours, ability to claim tools etc back on tax
  2. Hi All I'm after a little advice here, i'm a fully qualifed security enigneer (Tavcom Diploma + manufacturer training) and been working in the industry for around 6 years now. I've installed & maintained multiple IP camera systems aswell as analogue systems including access control, intruder alarms with some door auto work for my current employer. I'm looking/exploring the idea to become a subby. I have my estate vehicle with roof racks for ladders etc, full tools, laptop, handyset etc.. Is there much demand for self emplyed engineers? I don't want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire as such lol. All advice appreciated.
  3. Hi, How much am I looking for remotely monitoring a 4 camera system? Thanks in advance
  4. It just seemed £300 was a bit steep for a domestic installer? Im going to be lOoming at doing pj's on weekends. Ta lads for the advice
  5. So is £150 a good rate to be installting a 4 camera system at a customers house?
  6. Cheets for the replies guys, i've always thought £150 was the going rate. So you could could as much as 300 for domestic?
  7. Whats a reasonable rate for installation / maintenace? (domestic / business)
  8. Are there many on here who trade by sole trader?
  9. Just a query to why all the companies I see trader as a LTD and not sole trader? Is there a reason behind this (other than capital liability)
  10. Thanks for your input, some research ahoy! hehe
  11. Quick google the is215tce looks like a indoor PIR for alarm? Is this suitable for external applications / detection? Thanks bud
  12. Im a field engineer, so suppliers isnt something I deal with. All I want to do is add PIR's to a private install. But not sure where to get them as never had to buy them. Ta
  13. Forgot to add that P1 is debug, thats why I said to use 2.
  14. Hi, Serial should be port 2 unless the unit states what port should carry data. Check the manaul but you will need to tell the dome what protocol to use. Out of the box should be UTC and select DM Rs 485 as data on the DVR. Any more info let me know
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