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  1. Yeah I know what you mean mate, but this is not just a knee jerk reaction to this post on here. Over the years they have lied and done things which questions my trust in them. If I can't trust my alarm company as decent human beings, how can I trust them with the security of my home and family? Too much has been said, so a move is called for here. In their defence, I have a good alarm system which has only resulted in the Police being called for one false alarm. That false alarm would have been averted if they had given me the details of the new ARC, which I had been moved to without any notification. Thanks for your help, really appreciate it. Brum69 Brum69
  2. Well I wouldn't use the phrase hats off, as there were other issues which they didn't handle well at all. The main issue here was my assumption that the PIR had to detect someone, rather than just the door. Had I known that, which is what I found out on here, then I would not have queried this issue.
  3. Firstly, I have started two threads, not three. The first thread concerns the install of my current alarm, the second is in regards to a comment made by my new alarm company during their inspection. With regards to my vigorous defence, this was due to the WRONG conclusion being reached about my intentions. I get the feeling that some installers on here have a weird attitude towards customers asking questions, as if their integrity is being brought into question. This couldn't be further from the truth!
  4. Yes indeed. Firstly, that's a quote from a different thread in a different forum - not to be confused with this one. Secondly, I wanted them to attend site as I thought that the problem was with their original installation - due to information received from two separate ARCs. Why would I pay if I was in the right? As I stated later in that thread, which you conveniently didn't quote, I stated that I would indeed have paid them if it was found to be operating correctly. Hope that explains things, as I'm not one of those people who expect something for nothing - just good customer service!!
  5. Sorry sir, won't do it again sir Seriously though, thanks guys for your help as I really appreciate the advice - even from Mr Angry
  6. Oh really? dam At the moment it is on the adjacent wall to the one with the side door, so looking directly at the up-and-over doors. I'll see what the new company says, but thanks anyway. Regards Brum69
  7. Wow - you're an angry person aren't you? Have I hit a raw nerve love?? You have obviously not read the thread, as you would have found that I have posted information which portrays the alarm company in a more favourable light. If I wanted to feel like the injured party, I would have altered the results of my tests to show a confirmed alarm from the door alone. It was information gleaned on here which have caused me NOT to complain to the inspectorate, so I fail to see the point of your angry rant. Meddling with a Police monitored system, without the engineer code or any knowledge of alarm systems? I don't think so Mr Angry. I just performed some activation tests to check the logs - due to advice given on here. On the contrary Mr Angry, I have been given advice that I can query with my new alarm company. No need for you to have a go at him like that is there? I thank the great people who have given me great advice on here, even you for making me smile with your ridiculous angry rant. I wish you well in your profession, so please don't take this the wrong way when I ask you not to tar all "subs" with the same dirty brush.
  8. I hadn't thought about that, thanks. I'll ask the incoming company about re-siting it above the door perhaps. Nice one!!
  9. I think you'll find that I DON'T fall into that category at all !!!
  10. Apologies, but what is an FCU?
  11. I also thought that a small company would bend over backwards, but it has not been the case with these people. I've had lots of problem with them, so I stated to look for a new company two years ago. I've narrowed it down to one of the big boys, as the sales guy is an accredited installer and really impressed me with his knowledge. They offer a monthly service covering the monitoring and two inspections for a lot less than i currently pay. They are not the obvious large company, who seem to get a lot of stick on here. I wasn't impressed with their salesman one bit - nor their 3-year minimum contract!! As for turning the garage door into an entry zone, I too thought it was a daft idea. It would be good if I could know how to stop the door from triggering the PIR though. Regards Brum69
  12. You're entitled to your opinion, but in this case I'M the one who can't wait to see the back of them. If you knew the background of the lies and grief from these people, you wouldn't have made that comment. I've even found out that other installers have given my system a nickname, as they are known to cut corners !!
  13. I'm obviously not an electrician, but I think I know what you mean. There is no breaker on the consumer unit marked up as heating, so I assume that it is fed from ring circuit. It's part of a gas powered heating system, so I guess that it doesn't need a lot of amps as it just powers the electronics and pump - not an immersion heater. The alarm is then spurred from it, but I can't see the grade of cable between the two boxes as they are next to each other. Regards Brum69
  14. Not at all mate! My new alarm company inspected my alarm and made a comment about a spur off a spur not being allowed. They have not stated that it needs to be changed before they take it over, but I'm just curious. I can see your point about paranoia, as some people just don't know when to let it go !!
  15. Well according to my esteemed alarm company, the door just needs to be made into a second entry zone. If we then open it accidentally in the future, I won't get a confirmed alarm. Regards Brum69
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