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  1. Best way to do it, a family friend took me on when I left school, spent 11 years with him, it was just 1 to 1 training, it was no easy ride, as well as college work, I was made to write up reports on everything we done, and what I had learnt that week. I often wondered when I was at college how some of the boys ever got a job in this trade.
  2. Sorry if this has been posted before had a look and couldn't find anything... I've been asked to install covert cameras in a Salon and network it, due to stock and money going missing. My advice was he'd probably need to have a camera on show say covering the reception area with a CCTV warning sign in place, then we could install the covert cameras? Any ideas?
  3. Hello everyone,. Time to introduce myself, been having a wee look on here from time to time, looks like the extra tech help if I'm ever stuck could be handy! Been in the trade since I left school in 1997, worked for a family friend for 11 years then went to work for a good friends company to get paid off two years later (the joys of people bumping payment and other companies undercutting doing cash jobs!!), .....so took the bull by the horn and went out on my own, 18 months of sub contracting across Scotland's central belt and alot of hard work to find my own client base, got my SSAIB sorted last month. Already help a couple of companies down south for Scotlands central belt calls that come in, so feel free to drop me a msg if your ever stuck. Martyn
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