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  1. I am just starting out with CRM databases and have chosen to try the Amphis software, because at the moment I have less than 100 customers and that it is very easy to use and very comprehensive. Although not geared up for the alarm industry it does allow you to make custom changes and has a very good tasks/ reminders for when servicing is due... I will let you know how I get on!
  2. Volvo's are great cars.. I am looking at the new C70 CC convertible, quality at a price less than Audi's or BMW's!
  3. LOL... never looked at it like that
  4. iralarms


    Jameswilson Is it a specific off the shelf system you use with your tablet/ pda's ?? or did you design and implement the system yourself?
  5. I seem to come across that problem quite a lot lately with people sending me supplies/ invoices etc with ira on it.... might have to consider changing the domain !!
  6. Yes I am in Matlock, England and the 'ir' bit stands for 'Intelligent Response' ltd. Unfortunately at the time of buying the domain 'Intelligent Response' was not available so I went with iralarms instead.
  7. Thanks Mr Happy. I have contacted them, and have a pack! I have been established now for about 10 months. I know it was a bit of a broad question but was hoping to get an insight (brief insight) on any ideas to ensure smooth application? But thanks for the feedback!
  8. iralarms


    Thanks for your feedback. I was thinking the same regarding the customer copy, giving them a choice to request a copy.
  9. Hi I am looking to become SSAIB registered, what do I need to get a successful registration? Any ideas and feedback would be appreciated, thanks!
  10. iralarms


    Hi, not sure if this is the right section, but here goes. Does anyone use tablets i.e. ipad, samsung etc for their operational paperwork, risk assessments, etc? If so do you integrate with alarm master/ cash etc or is it just a stand alone facility to cover the paperwork side. I would like to implement using tablets to save time and lost paperwork, it would be useful to log all the info into a tablet and get the customer to sign it on screen instead of paperwork. Any ideas and feedback would be appreciated?
  11. iralarms

    Alarm Master Or?

    Thanks Wyatthaplo I will look into it. Anything that saves money initially is worth the look!
  12. iralarms

    Alarm Master Or?

    Hi All Thanks for the info, extremely informative! I will research these more in depth, but for now thanks the insight!
  13. iralarms

    Alarm Master Or?

    Hi All I have looked into using Alarm Master as our main customer database and diary system etc, but was wondering if there are any other software programs out there and what peoples thoughts are on this subject?? Alarm master seems a little pricey, is it worth it?? Thanks
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