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  1. We used to run on smf then swapped to ipb ,it took the members a while to get used to but since 3.2.2 they like the look a lot better,we have recently added an arcade and a classifieds app so members can sell things,i remember the first time i logged in to the admin cp on ipb ,never seen so many whistles and bells,took me ages to get the hang of it.
  2. I run a forum for sparkies,only small compared to this one but we are getting there,we also run on IPB ,i hope you don't mind admin but we don't cover alarms on our forum so i posted a link to this forum in our useful links section and if we get any sparkies asking about alarms i will tell them about this place.
  3. Thanks for the welcome Admin, Nice forum.
  4. Did you link out the zones not in use ie 7 and 8.
  5. Hi folks, Nice to see another uk forum using IPB ,i am sick of seeing VB ,i found you through google had a slight problem with an alarm and thanks to this forum i found the answer I am an electrician who does the odd alarm if done as part of a full rewire. Paul
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