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  1. To be honest I had a list of panels we had out there so I was just after the books on the off chance, however no one has ever asked for one so it was a case of having one "just in case" more than anything else, I doubt we'll ever be asked for one not in 2014
  2. Hi Bagpuss Thank you for looking, I forgotten all about this thread , by chance two weeks ago I was going through one of our long untouched cupboards in the office and came across the user guide for the System 7002 & 7008 as well as engineering guides (of sorts) for the System 208, System 416 & System 6001 However I was told by a colleage that chance of finding these panels out in the wild now is minimal to impossible (I believe the 208, 416 & 6001 were old bank/high security panels that were replaced a hell of a long time ago), unfortunately we don't have any on the G-Type, System 9010, System 9020, System 9001, System 9003, but again I believe these have all but gone these days?
  3. Ah! It seems these panels are so old now that no one has the manuals any more, oh well two to cross off of the list, thankfully one of our engineers had the Modern Alarms Series 74 & 80's manuals, took me months to get hold of those
  4. Hi, not sure if anyone can help at all but I was just wondering if anyone had the user guides for the Thorn System 7002 & 7008, unfortunately the copies we had have been binned by mistake Any help greatly appreciated
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