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  1. If the shocks can stay, then might as well keep them (fit new sensors, as wiring in already in place) to further increase the system. Only hear good things about the boschs, so may go with them. WIll have a look into the DT texecoms first tho
  2. Recently moved, and about to upgrade alarm (new panels sensors etc). Currently house has shocks sensors on all windows and doors downstairs, and door contacts on upstairs doors. All windows are being replaced from wood to upvc, and I have been advised that shock sensors are not suitable for upvc frame. Also then would not detect an intruder entering through an open window, etc I am therefore looking to fit 4 PIR sensors, but would like to use pet tolerant sensors, as I have a dog (approx 6kg) I have looked at Texecom 3D-PetWise, and the Bosch Blueline Gen2 I would be inclinded to use the Texecom as it is stocked by my usual supplier, has anyone used this, or would you recommend something else. Is pet tolerant PIR the way to go, or is there some better technology,
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