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  1. mr happy.. all your cons have been through my mind a thousand and more times!! just to give a little more info of were im upto and what ive got in place.. its actually me and a work colleague( we served as apprentices together) so we have faith in each others abilities who are thinking of taking the leap.. we have already registered a company name set up a business bank planned leaflets advertising etc spoke to ssaib.. back to your cons social life isnt an issue anymore as were both recently married:( lol.. illness isnt to much of a worry, and we both live to work.. our biggest pro is the fact that we work for a small company and we see what work comes throgh the door and we reap little benifits and half the time its us getting or following up the leads.. very annoying!! on the work/money front we might throw a thousand pounds away taking the plunge and if it fails i have full faith that me and my friend could work straight into vacant positions at other local/nationwide companies.. what to do grrr!!! peter.. a relitive low wage is less than 300 inclusive of call and no overtime!!!! i can make that on a weekend most weeks doin my own work!! grrr!!
  2. just joined the tsi website think it a great idea for sharing and gaining knowledge.. my problem.. been an installer of intruder fire access cctv and data for 8 years now, been working for a relitivly small company on a reltivly small wage and cant decide at this stage of my career wether to go it alone and try to make it on my own!! got so many pros and very few cons so far!! so any success or disaster stories would be a massive help!!!! many thanks,
  3. Hello fellow TSI members.. Came across this site by accindent and its brilliant!!!!
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