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  1. Hey peope, basically we're not that big in Fire Alarm systems, only help out the electrican we know with servicing and maintaining a couple of systems. But there are 2 seperate flats both above shops - 1 with 4 flats, 1 with 3 flats and the developer who i know has said to quote him for a entryphone system, but when i asked him about a fire alarm system he said a few people, inlcuding the architect have said a 'proper system' with a panel is not required and only normal smoke alarms in each flats rooms and common aread are enough. Is this true lol Im not only saying for the sake of possibly getting the job, but also that i know the developer and dont want him being given the wrong advice. As couple of weeks ago i heard of another guy who refurbed a building was told before its ok to put mains smoke alarm only to then be told when the whole job was completed by a FSO that you need a system with a panel and zone system So basically the question is how can i determine what level the bulding / flats are and what type of system if any they need , all
  2. still aint picked one up yet people, but also wanted to know where else i can look around for a good price on these? screwfix toolstation?? Any others?
  3. Ahh the old makita vs dewalt saga lol, im also actually thinkinbg hilti?? (Dont hit me lol) Ye that screwfix deal is not bad really £180 for it with 2 batteries Sorry people should have added this, already have a dewalt cordless sds drill for the more heavier jobs so mainly just need a smaller one for putting up pirs making normal holes, but still want to have some oomp lol ok, lol as long as you dont love your tools more mate,lol The old man got given a new 3 speed dewalt model - dcd925, used it a few times and love it lol. might see what the 1 model down from that is Also people not to sound like an idiot but what is the difference between a combi drill and hammer drill? - i know the hammer has a hammer action (all my drills have had this anyway)
  4. Hey all, sorry havent posted on here for ages been away plus busy lol just as the title really preferably looking at a dewalt really but open to others
  5. I havent got a tablet at all but def gonna get the ipad 3 so should be a big jump, just use it generally for personal and business. now just need to think what colour and type to get lol
  6. Hey people, this is more of a general enquiry But if you ever takeover a site and or carry out a panel change or even just ever notice that the fire cable is to short: a) can you extend it? or do you have to put a whole new piece b) if you can extend how do you do it? connector block? all
  7. same as a lot on here actually - conventional 4 wire - alarmsense and ctec panel normal 2 / twin wire - same lol Never really use rafiki unless its a maintenance / call-out
  8. mate, had a word with ctec and have ordered the programming lead but not the serial or rs232 to usb converter, gonna try and get 1 from the web or maplin - should work shouldnt it??
  9. hey all got the above panel and need to program it so that the call engineer show goes away but after talking to Ctec I need some leads for this Main question is the leads on the ends are rs232 would a normal rs232 to USB converter or converter leads from mapping be fine to connect it to the laptop??
  10. Yeah checked the inline fuse mate, no loseness and checked on the loop side of the meter no problems either The Aux supply is fine aswell. & panel does stat on and work with the mains on
  11. checkd it both ways mate didnt look in the log and dont say a full default could fix it lol,
  12. People, came across a gardtec 595 plastic type panel today, was just a normal r.i and battery change but when checking the panel battery charging voltage i was only getting 4.79/4.8 v d/c surely not right is it?, also checked at the plug on module behing the panels board where the leads plug into the panel and same voltage there aswell. But the aux voltage is still normal 13.7 Range risco/gardtec and tried what they said and nothing. only other thing they said after i left site is try defaulting and re-powering and re-programming but was to late, surely that wouldnt solve it any way right as it sounds like a hardware prob not software Any info people,
  13. Also agree with ITE security (sorry dont know your name mate lol), i would also suggest a scantronic 9651 imo but you wouldnt be able to get a remote unless you went wireless
  14. for the link mate, he's alrady got a labgear amp so might go for something like the vision modulator, my supplier's also got a modulator going for £19, might see which one that is
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