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  1. Just wondered if anyone recognises the brand from the keypad picture attached?? ive searched high and low but no luck!
  2. What about using a GSM module Luke to control his outputs seperately? Depending how often he wanted to carry out this commands, he could monitor his cameras via his phone and then use text messages to trigger the control outputs?
  3. Sure is pal! To be honest our security guy will probably frequent more over here than I will as Im not as clued up on intruder, but Ill do my best to call in from time to time. Hi Joe, Thought I recognised your picture!
  4. Wow didn't even remember posting this!! Was just about to make a hello post and thought Id best check I didn't have one already.
  5. We had something similar with a service on a fog cannon. Local bookies, isolated the cannon but whoever had wired the isolation had wired it wrong. Full clear out, took ages too as it was a nice day with no wind and only the front door to get it through.
  6. I think we've got one to fit tomorrow so Ill have a go and see how we get on. guys
  7. Ill speak to our Rep and see if he's got anything available. Does anyone have a copy of the wiring diagram they could send me?
  8. Yeah think your right on that one. We are just changing over to them so don't want to get caught out on site midweek!
  9. Evening folks! Just looking for a bit of advice with wiring a Pyronix bell box into a Galaxy G3. We've just changed over to Pyronix and its the first Ive had to fit on a G3 system so wondering how to go about the twm? Could do it through a relay and 4k7 but wondered if anyone had a better way?
  10. Ive always been advised to avoid holes at the top, like said earlier, add a 90 bend with a short bit of pipe and use that.
  11. The new EMS kit is really good providing your allowing for installing power supplys for the many RCC's you'll be needing on the system. I have just priced up some of the new apollo xpander kit and although it appears to be looking at costing similar sort of figures to EMS, Its handy if you don't require a full wireless system...just areas
  12. My company moved over to macs at the beginning of the year. I was previously an app developer for OSX and have always been a fan of the systems. The package lease deal I got offered was a lot better than what dell were offering me and now with the systems being able to run Windows I figured it would be faultless. I do wish Id kept a few of the laptops though as getting CMS software for the mac is a pig!
  13. Afternoon everyone My names Kevin and I run Zen Engineering. We are a smallish Merseyside based company with about 5 engineers (including myself) covering the fire and security sector. We mostly do work for the local councils and schools. We work on most fire systems and security systems and like to think we can keep our prices competitive in the current climate We are set up to subcontract, with all engineers having access to plain unmarked vehicles and plain uniforms. We cover the north west area and are happy to quote for works just about anywhere Thanks
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