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  1. Have a look at the millwakee drills, expensive but top quality kit.
  2. Seat exao estate. Audi a4 in seat badges. That would be my choice.
  3. Once drilled through a 2" lead gas pipe buried in a wall. No sign of where it came or went to! Had to evacuate a solicitors with over 25 staff, for over an hour till the gas board arrived! Small talk in the carpark was limited,lol. Turned out to be an old gas pipe which was not feeding anywhere and had been capped off but left live! Not my best day!
  4. Hi there, I am available for sub contract work in the south west region. I have 10 years experience in the security industry (mainly working for an NSI Gold firm). I am a multi disciplined engineer and have undertaken all types of installation. I am curnently self employed and have transport, tools, steps, ladders, CSCS card and are willing to travel for the right jobs. Please keep me in mind if anything comes up.
  5. Just get all the manuals you can on the laptop/phone and update it regularly. Haven't had a panel defeat me yet!
  6. Never seen or heard of it, looks like some posh kit though!! Good luck installing it, leave plenty of time for commissioning!! lol.
  7. Thanks for that mate, i've applied for a trade account with enterprise but no word back from them yet.
  8. ps, How many posts are required for trade access? Pretty please!
  9. That would be great if you could list where you got it from, is this ok moderators? I have found it to be cheaper from internet wholesalers rather than from the retailers with multiple security premises (not sure if i can say there name but only has three letters in it!!). As i dont get much kit from them there prices are not competitive.
  10. Cherrs for the advice, do you know of anywhere that sells the enforcer kits at a decent price?
  11. for the reply, I quoted for the enforcer but the chap is really looking for a cheap as chips alarm. Oh well, i'll avoid the infinate prime and tell him that my original quote is the best i can do. Rather not fit cheap and nasty kit anyway!!
  12. Hi all, Been looking at fitting one of the infinite prime kits for a customer. I would rather go for a two way wireless panel but the customers budget wont stretch to this. Have any of you fitted one of these panels/kits, are they any good or worth swerving? .
  13. The enforcer is the wireless panel i will be using, seems to be the prefered option of most on this forum. Seems like a good quality bit of kit.
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