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  1. bakerrev

    Bt Inspiration - Lost Programming Reset Assistance

    Anyone - any ideas at all? Might have to get another system if not which is a shame since this is working apart from one issue.
  2. bakerrev

    Bt Inspiration - Lost Programming Reset Assistance

    I don't think we've changed anything on a hardware front. The system phone is hard wired into Extension slot no. 20 on the CCU. I thought that defined the 'system phone' extension. I've tried all the extensions we have and none will allow programming of the system. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Hi there - we are a small registered charity with a working BT Inspiration system 2 lines 4 extensions that has been working fine. Last week we lost the ability to programme the system phone. It's working on ext 20 and appears to do everything it should do except go into system programming. We cannot change the date etc and most of all get our caller display working again for line 1. The message coming back is 'programming refused' I have followed a manual procedure for resetting the phone (shorting out the battery) but this has not worked. Any other suggestions please? The system is working fine at present other than system programming. We would be grateful for any experienced users to give some advice please. Many thanks.

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