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  1. Thanks Peter, the alarm does seem to be only sounding internally. I will try the prog and code treatment, I take it this is from "day" setting? I will nag my landlady again...
  2. Hi, first time poster, tried a search but couldn't see anything that would help. I'm a tenant, have been living in this house for a year now. It has a Concept 6 intruder alarm but helpfully the landlady didn't have any instruction manuals to go with it. The first couple of nights after we moved in, the alarm went off in the middle of the night but it had not been set. I spoke to landlady (who found it highly amusing) but the alarm stopped going off and when an engineer turned up about two months later, he didn't bother looking at it. A year on, and it's started going off again. The alarm is constantly set to "day" programme, when the alarm goes off the tamper light shows up. I have no idea where the main box is to check if the battery needs changing. My landlady is ignoring me. Since 0630 this morning, it's gone off 5 times. I'm swiftly getting to the point of grabbing a sledgehammer! I have now downloaded both user manual and engineering information, neither of which seem to be much help (especially as I don't know where the main board is...) Please someone help me!!
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