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  1. I've taken a look at there terms and conditions, it does say Trade only and that if you purchase goods and your not an installer, some manufacturers will not offer any technical support, I'll have to try ADI I don't really wont to fit a cheap kit from B&Q
  2. fair comment, the vote was to try and get a view of peoples opinions, installers and people who fit there own kit because I think I should be able to purchase the kit, because I know I won't make a hash of it
  3. I was looking to buy a visonic complete kit on line which was advertised on city security systems website, when I went to purchase the kit the price is at £0.00 and they ask you to phone for price I phoned and spoke to a nice chap who asked if I was trade I said no, but that I had fitted my alarm in my previous house, he informed me that they only sell to trade and couldn't supply me the kit, and that it was nothing to do with wether or not I could fit the kit or not, and that was why they had made it so you have to phone because some people are trying to buy the kit, that aren't trade and can't fit the kit. I asked about the rest of the kit on there site, and he told me that from the start of next month, people will be able to see the products but you won't be able to see any prices unless your logged in as an installer, I said that they will lose business which he agreed they might, but said the business they might lose are from people who shouldn't really be buying the kit in the first place. Do you think there right?
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