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  1. I am frankly to say that the china security products is not very reliable even thought i am a chinese people.
  2. Welcome,i am a chinese guy too.
  3. we are using Honeywell FG701 which can voice and trigger the break glass detector.
  4. kofai


    Welcome, nice to see you. Enjoy your job.
  5. Welcome You can also get the help from the Montex/Texbase system's technical supporter.
  6. Hi, nice man.If you want to improve your skill, you need to join in the big commercial project to get the experience. BTW, what is the CANASA cert? and what's the purpose?
  7. I will insist on it. Frankly, i am familiar with the access control and the alarm system, not the CCTV system which is not involved during my duty.So,i need to learn it.
  8. Q1. Your fingerprint reader is ok if you enroll the finger only the first time, right? Q2. which kinds of elements affecting the fingerprint to use normally?
  9. It's appreciate to your advice. BTW, i can't understand your signment about the SSAIB members.
  10. Is there any other path to apply it?
  11. @PeterJames Thanks for your direction.I just apply it with my work website, will it pass?
  12. Hi all, somebody can tell me how to become the Trade memeber...
  13. @James, It refers how to enter the next profession/occupation... Can you have the interested in the Chinese?
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