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  1. It'd be fascinating to see photos of your workshop installation, I think the early use of technology in this way is very interesting.
  2. Thanks for the advice both, will give it a try.
  3. HI-could I aks for some expert advice once again please. I have friends who have just bought a house which has an Accenta G3 alarm, RKP, 3 pirs, one front door contact, one external sounder. The power has been off to the property for about a year. The electricity will be reconnected later this week. We have a copy of the engineer manual, and the user guide. My question is, will the panel have retained its old code and therefore need fully resetting, or, will it have reverted to the factory set user code ? I realise it will need an engineer visit, but, in the meantime, my friends are concerned that it might start sounding when power is restored. Any advice gratefully received.Thanks.
  4. Just to clarify, as 9651 said its the speaker sound that is loud. There are 2 speakers that were used with the 9800 old panel as internal sounders, but now, with the galaxy, the entry / exit tones sound through them as well, making the entry exit seem quite loud throughout the house! We need to retain the speakers as they still act as the internal alarm sounders. Maybe I could have the volume turned down, will probably get used to it tho!
  5. Thanks for all the advice, decided on the Galaxy in the end, which seems excellent, just a small redecorating issue due to the different size, and rather loud entry exit tones! otherwise excellent. The engineer was definite that the 'sms'text function could not be set up, not quite sure why, so stayed with just sounders. Thanks again.
  6. Hi- I've had some quotes to replace my scantronic 9800 panel ( which has failing keypad buttons) with a new panel. Options seem to be a Galaxy G2-12 with proximity tag, Veritas R8, or Guardall RX16i. There are only 8 zones, bells only system. The PIRs ( 3) are around 17 yrs old. I just hoped for some advice available as to any panel preference from the above, and would it be wise to conisder replacing the PIRs as well at this stage, ( they all seem ok) or leaving these for the present. ( I had posted previously in diy section as I had thought of getting an old 9800 keypad off ebay, but, as advised, decided against this.) Thanks for any advice.
  7. Many thanks for your advice, appreciated.I had thought of trying to obtain a used RKP to replace mine, but I realise this may also have a limited life if it has been in use regularly. I agree that ultimately the panel should be replaced, I was just trying to avoid that if possible at this point! I will probably look at doing this, and discuss it with the engineer at the next service date later in the year. In the meantime it seems fine on the 'unused' buttons to which I reprogrammed the code. Perhaps it will be ok like this for some time? (It has certainly been very reliable and free from false alarms, apart from the recent push button problems.) I appreciate that the alarm company I am with will have preferences, is there a panel of similar reliability that anyone might recommend as a replacement, out of interest. There are 4 pirs, 3 door contacts and one panic button on the system. Thanks again.
  8. Hi All, I wondered if I might ask for some expert advice. I have an alarm system which is now about 17 yrs old, (under contract and regularly serviced.) It has a Scantronic 9800 end station and remote keypad. Over the last few months some of the keypad buttons have become very unresponsive, ( especially if the house has been empty and the temperature has dropped) and this has resulted in a couple of hair raising moments where the alarm has gone off since it hasn't been possible to enter the code quickly enough on entering the house. The engineer cleaned the keypad circuit strips and this helped for a while, but it has begun to play up again. I have changed the code to buttons that have not been used previously, and this seems fine at the moment. Obviously, I appreciate, it will need replacing,eventually, but I didn't really want to replace the whole thing if just the keypad is faulty. The actual 9800 keypad is not available, but I have seen 9827 keypads for the 9800+ panel, My question is would this replace my 9800 keypad, or, is it not suitable. My only other hope would be to obtain a used one, which itself might be worn out. Any advice would be gratefully received. thanks.
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