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  1. if you think it is noise on the loop check the earth continuie is good. to help reduce noise fit ferrite coils on the loops and check for a good earth to the house mains system. then try to runn the system as a radial or if the panel will let you two radials but some ctecs are only one loop panels so you may have to remove some devices from the system overnite. had a problem with a ctec panel in cumbria throwing out rubbish only problem national contract i am based in birmingham. always clear when i got there. happy hunting
  2. if only mcp's and sounders then class m if mcps and sounders with smoke detection in the fire escape routes L4 l2 and 3 are the same as L4 but with detection in the rooms off the escape routes L1 is with detection in all rooms with a floor area over a meter squared type p are to protect property and have more detection as a quicker response is required by the fire brigade. details can be found in bs 5839 or by searching the web. but as was orginal stated it is not up to the engineer to decide the system but the person responsible for the building to do so in there fire risk assement as required by law. remember if you dothe risk assement as things go tits up you go to jail?
  3. the panel is probly a x300 series the user code to exchange devices(swop heads) is 101010 and this should take you to the missing device, swop heads and accept changes. the panel may come up with a system faualt and a short power down power up after the device is swopped. after a few seconds tthe main menu should be accessable and the heading clear system fault should be shown enter in to this menu then the panel should clear after a few moments . make sure that the correct head type is ordered as this will cause a type error and requires protec high security codes and lap top to clear. all the best :beer:eddy
  4. hi iam a fire alarm engineer doing service /install/commission i have experience of protec siemens gent morely advanced control equipment and the usual suspects i live in the west mids area married with three kids
  5. send me an email address as i think i have an id 200 manual you can have a copy of. eddy
  6. your outstation is gents speak for a detector, you should have a list of devices with text if not you can check in the menu, the problem you may have is to change the fault part you need to stop the loop or major problems can occur get in touch i and i will tell you of a local company that can help you find parts and give advice eddy:beer:
  7. use o1 code 1234 then menu number 7. this is service menu, then follow the on screen menu ,enter the option for one man test all zones. this will only allow you to end when clear of fire signals. this menu is ended by pressing f5. hope this helps eddy:beer:
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