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  1. You can't tilt it because of the way the clips snap together...it's not a bracket for that sort of adjustment, I'd have to screw it back to the ceiling on something slightly uneven that would tilt it for me. The 2 doors, well one is protected better than the other one. There's no creep zone that I'm aware of on that PIR, but I like the sound of it. Sort of 2 PIR's in 1. Maybe I should find one of those and swap it out. Moving the sensor back would be such a pain, it's not a job for this month or next!...
  2. Should also mention - the primary purpose of the PIR in that room was to cover patio doors, which it is doing OK. Would be nice to get the other 2 doors covered properly at the same time though.
  3. Hello All, I've installed a Premier 24 with 7 EOL PIR's (Prestige QDs) and a door contact, all OK no problems. The PIRs are ceiling mounted, as the cable is run up under the stairs and then down through the ceilings into the rooms below. Position of the joists and the downstairs covings have prevented me mounting them right in the corner as I wanted, a couple of rooms are OK, a couple of them the PIR's are 10" away from the wall. I (now) know, the Prestige PIR's don't come with a bracket where you can angle the PIR down a bit. Instead you adjust the height by sliding the PIR up/down in the casing to change coverage. There's a bit of a blind spot in front of (i.e almost under) these PIR's, they're about 2.7M high, and one of them has 2 doors very near to it (right in front of it, to the left), I can move from door to door without tripping it. This is with the PIR set at 3M, as shown in the install doc, to move the coverage a bit more below the PIR. PIR in question is about 10" away from corner of the room. Although the scale on the Prestige stops at 3.0M, can I slide the PIR past that point on the scale to try and bring the coverage down and closer to the PIR, or will I just lose coverage of the PIR if I do that (mounting case for the PIR will get in the way) ? The room is small so long distance coverage is not required (roughly 12'x12'). I know it's a case of just try it, but I'm wondering if Texecom say - don't go past the 3M point on the scale, for any reason. Or, shall I reseat the PIR on the ceiling so I can point it down a bit (e.g. wood spacer)? Or, shall I swap the PIR out for another one (EOL resistors preferred), with a more adjustable bracket ? (Easiest?) Last choice is move the PIR to the other side of the room and point it towards the doors. I really don't want to do that. New cable is not an option, I'd have to extend the current cable (would solder joints affect the EOL operation with the increased resistance ?). Considering the room above, moving the PIR would be a real ball ache , I'm not keen. At the moment there is not a single cable showing anywhere, to bell boxes, keypads or PIRs. Would appreciate your comments..i.e..what would you do ? ) Thanks. Ars.
  4. Well I want to know what the implications are of installing broadband on a line that appears to be wired as described to some sort of alarm dialler.
  5. Where would you normally wire any sort of (PSTN) line monitoring, to ? Looking at this one, they've taken a junction box of the incoming pair from BT before it reaches the NTE5, wired into that, and then pushed another pair from the junction box into the NTE5. The JB and the NTE5 are next to each other. My understanding is that nothing is ever wired before the BT master socket. Is there any sort of line monitoring that requires that configuration ?
  6. Thanks chaps. Sounds like it might not be the problem I thought it was.
  7. Hello All, Can anyone advise what alarm monitoring is completely incompatible with broadband ? i.e, any sort of dialler I'd expect to work alright, if it was the correct side of the microfilter. Plus you can get the faceplate microfilters from example adslnation, giving you filtered and unfiltered terminals you can come off. But what about digicom/dualcom/redcare ? Thank all. Ars.
  8. Only ordered the AMQD's because I knew they had the resistors in. I've cancelled the order and placed a new one for the QD's instead - hope you were right about the resistors being in there in the other thread hehe. If it went into mask condition because the door was open in front of it - what problem would that cause ? Would it just mean the alarm couldn't be set while it was in that state ? Like you say for your own property hardly a problem anyway.
  9. Chaps If I am forced to mount an AMQD above a door (about 18").. will it trip the anti masking even when the alarm is off, and cause a problem, or is it OK as long as the door is shut when the alarm is activated ? e.g, if the door is open, would it just not let you set the alarm ? . Also Can anyone confirm that both the ceiling and wall brackets are included in the box ? Got the floorboards up here drilling holes in anticipation of an alarm that has not yet arrived. Thanks
  10. Well, curses. Thanks for the info. Nowhere on the Texecom PDF does it tell you that http://www.texe.com/document.php?docid=392 I've just ordered 7 AMQD's, because the PDF for that one says it has the resistors in. The rest of the components are all grade 3, so I suppose the PIR's may as well be. Ars
  11. Chaps Am I right in thinking that the Prestige Quad PIR does not have EOL resistors in it, but the AMQD Plus, does ? Thanks!
  12. Thanks breff. Didn't see your reply hiding above mine there.
  13. Haha - no. Best people to ask are the customers!
  14. Hello All Need to buy all the bits for my alarm and I need them to arrive this week. Is it generally good experiences with www.securitywarehouse.co.uk ? Their prices are good and they have the bits I want. Just need to be sure the stuff will turn up in a couple of days, I'm on a bit of a schedule for fitting it. Ars.
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