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  1. Well I want to know what the implications are of installing broadband on a line that appears to be wired as described to some sort of alarm dialler.
  2. Where would you normally wire any sort of (PSTN) line monitoring, to ? Looking at this one, they've taken a junction box of the incoming pair from BT before it reaches the NTE5, wired into that, and then pushed another pair from the junction box into the NTE5. The JB and the NTE5 are next to each other. My understanding is that nothing is ever wired before the BT master socket. Is there any sort of line monitoring that requires that configuration ?
  3. Thanks chaps. Sounds like it might not be the problem I thought it was.
  4. Hello All, Can anyone advise what alarm monitoring is completely incompatible with broadband ? i.e, any sort of dialler I'd expect to work alright, if it was the correct side of the microfilter. Plus you can get the faceplate microfilters from example adslnation, giving you filtered and unfiltered terminals you can come off. But what about digicom/dualcom/redcare ? Thank all. Ars.
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