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  1. thanks guys!!!, i totally agree with you on the sterling 10's never liked them from when i had the misfortune of buying a bulk load of them a few years ago i have never come across a load of rubbish in my life, i had nothing but trouble with them eg. rkp locking out when customer was trying to key there code into the rkp. the jelly keypads not registering, customers having to push the digits hard to activate, i think they have come back with a vengeance because a landlord i do sparking for has half his properties wired up in them. i personally cant fault the texecom range.
  2. just some advice on the above bellbox please, the right hand led is not flashing does anybody know if this is the led for hold off voltages? the left hand led is working fine, cant find any info on this bellbox. thanks. (the bellbox is wired upto a pyronix sterling 10.)
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