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  1. like i said lee in my first post i am new to it!! only just left the Army and got my qualifactions..
  2. I am just looking for estimation i have no specs its for an interview, Installing in any thing from small to large business I wish i had specs thanks any how
  3. Hi guys if you can help i aint a very experienced CCTV installer and would really be greatful if someone would let me know the time frames they put on themself for the instalation of 8,12,16 camera DVR CCTV systems. Thanks if you can Chris
  4. Hi all I have been applying for jobs since the start of the year when i left the Army!!!!! every single one keep coming back with the same thing you need atleast 3 to 5 years exp!!!!!! so how can i do it ?? or am is that just the polite way of saying no ones hiring because of the Credit Crunch!!!! Thanks all
  5. Hi Guys I am new to the industry recently finished my courses in CCTV and Access Control i am now looking to build up experince. I have just left the Army and hoping my work standards can be an asset, Also i am a CSCS card holder so any help in finding work would be great Thanks Guys Chris
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