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  1. I've got a pelco 6800 matrix but via coaxitron and 2 wire 485 D via a distribution unit via a digital sentry remotely. If you can get 7 with no problem surely its a line length issue. Pelco Code distribution unit and split it.,
  2. Not a gret deal of help but what protocol does the ds2 say it has? is it compatable. The only time i've used speeddomes is in 32 casinos but only with a touchtacker, which you go in SNET. Is the ds2 converting to SNET? Theres loads of connections on them things, plug in, twist lock base etc... i hate them.
  3. Thanks for the input guys. Not too bothered about fire coz the bro in law likes cooking and seems to set the whole gaff in smoke for a good roast potato! Do you know if you can get Visonic from Gardiners, if not wheres the best place to get it? again.
  4. Evening Security Engineers,, I'm an experienced guy of MOD, Home office, Town centre and god knows what c##p hole i'll end up in next week, but nothing could phase me more when my sister asked my for an alarm system as a wedding present. They're both arty and so any hint of an 8 core would be a no no. So i decided wireless, but have no idea whats a good,reliable, say, 4 PIR, 2 door contact, wireable bells system. The only wireless experience i've got is of a galaxy hibrid in a 5 story town house in london, which was sh*t. Theres some aweful looking things on ebay for about 50 pence which look like they'll never work. Any ideas guys of something thats reliable. Cost not an issue up to
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