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  1. thanks for the reply, yes i'll chuck it on ebay and see what happens
  2. well as your a pro in the game you'll probably laugh, as it's only a cheap one as i didn't want to spend a fortune but it looks like it will do all i want. it's a ADE Accenta Mini Gen4 (which i think is honeywell) with LCD Keypad. i paid
  3. i defaulted it but it does as was suggested just default to the BG code and not dsc's default code so i am back where i started and have just purchased a different panel now.
  4. lol, yes that's correct athough i've tried about 20 variations and it hasn't kicked in yet.
  5. oh! didn't realise that, that's a pain. the person i bought the alarm off wrote 2 possible engineers codes on the front of the manual, the first being the default engineer code that dsc use 5015, and another which i'm hoping *may* be the defualt BG code for this alarm. but by the sounds of it, i'm not holding out a lot of hope. the master code on the alarm is the default code in the manual 1234 it's just this engineer code and i think your probably correct in that it's not that the engineer code has been changed from the default at a later date, but that the panel just has a different default
  6. yes i have found a way to see if it is locked by removing battery and powering down AC and when you power up AC again, if the phone relay starts clicking a lot it is locked. so i will try this later. thanks for the reply. thanks marx for the help, yes it seems a very good alarm if i can program it as it has a couple of faults such as phone line not connected, which is correct, but i'm not having it connected by phone, so i need to turn this option off before i can alarm it (amongst a few other things). regarding the defaulting i know how to do that anyway so will give it a try this afterno
  7. yeah i know, i'll give it a go and see. thanks again for the advice
  8. thanks for the reply oh dear that don't sound good, yes i payed about
  9. hi guys i'm not sure if any one can advise. i bought a dsc power832 with pc5015 and lcd keypad from someone on ebay in 2005 and have only just got around to fitting it. the box itself has "british gas" logo on it. when i bought it (it was new) someone had written an engineers (installers) code(s) on the front of the manual. the codes he gave me were 4377 or 5015 but unfortunatly neither of them work and i'm stuck. i've contacted the guy who sold it but don't hold out much hope as this was from 2005. my question is, would resetting it to factory defaults also reset the engineers code? if not
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