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  1. is this from your labor day party?
  2. LOL they are called gates eventhough there is only Tx and Rx antenna on the both sides of the walk way. next time you decide to visit a town you'll probably see an EAS "gate" in a local super market. you know the thing that starts beeping at the exit during the rush hour delaying every decent people for at least half an hour? anyways - i am not afraid of doorbells BUT i am afraid of metal frame doors, fluorescent lights, power lines, trams, freq shifters, el motors, ham radio, radio, etc because they all affect RF based systems. i need to measure that TX is sending 8.2MHz base freq, sweep freq froom 128 to 185Hz and RX gets as pure sinewave as possible.
  3. yes - i am too old to carry stationary scopes with me.. in practise the newer gates we install are all computer programmable. including the TX and RX antennae tuning. there still though exists older models that needs oscilloscopes attention.. and there still will be for some time. not going to invest 3k. more likely <300..
  4. 8.2MHz gates (crosspoint). i have now 30MS/s 12MHz analogue bandwidth scope but for some reason it doesn't seem to be fast enough. have been thinking of USB scope as i'll anyyways have my laptop with me and then it is easier to also save possible interference levels on site for later use. so if anyone has any suggestions i'd be grateful..
  5. see - we also agree on things. we only debate about the wireless/wired detector to panel connections (as far as i can remember).
  6. hmm - would it make wireless system automatically better if it would be approved to G3? also - low to medium risk grades expect the possible intruder to have little or no knowledge of the alarm systems. question here is: is knowledge of using a wireless door bell considered a little bit of knowledge or no knowledge? me thinks the G2 is too high approval for wireless equipment. ofcourse as it is approved it is OK to use it in G2 installations wired components and panels for G3 and panels for G4 exist. if i remember correctly there is a time limit for the alarm to be registered at the panel after the detector activation. if there is RF JAM present wireless won't be able to fill this requirement. so i guess it will never be G3 or above..
  7. adjusting is always correct. especially if you suspect the tuning being the reason it is good to start fault finding with adjusting the cameras.
  8. i wouldn't hold my breathe but it is a good alternative for binning them.
  9. then just retune the "halo"ones with the monitor.
  10. no. no vodka and it is warm here right now. check this thread for an explanation why wireless is rubbish: Explanation
  11. did you check the log? could be just RF interference from neighbors new wireless doorbell etc.. or someone jamming (with the mentioned doorbell) your alarm until you power it down and then burgle you.
  12. why not? box can house 5204 for instance and an extra keypad could be handy to someone. batteris has to be changed once and while anyways so i don't see why wouldn't someone buy them.
  13. i've never heard him being wrong. there might be other reasons as well but as we can not be 100% sure what you did with the cameras it is hard to say.. anyways it sounds like you just tuned them by heart - or did you use a monitor while tuning them? if you touch the zoom you need to tune the focus as well (and usually fine tune the iris) AND tuning them "always" needs a monitor so you can see how it affects the picture.
  14. well - it is a good rule of thumb if you are not sure yourself but don't want to admit your lack of knowledge.
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