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  1. i wouldn't hold my breathe but it is a good alternative for binning them.
  2. why not? box can house 5204 for instance and an extra keypad could be handy to someone. batteris has to be changed once and while anyways so i don't see why wouldn't someone buy them.
  3. why?? LOL! no it doesn't..
  4. BG just has different default codes. BUT it happens as usually, with any code if more than one people knows it. we've got DSC 40x0 panels here sold as SecTec95. very slight programming difference and engineer default code is not the same. still i happen to maintain and service them with no probs. Maybe you go to ask around if anyone knows BG default codes. No - not here but from the customers who have BG system installed etc..
  5. then i'd expect programming section [012] is 000 000...
  6. and that is in case they don't have the keypad lock activated after n amount of wrong codes.
  7. if it is locked the eng code won't reset and you need a new MOBO PCB. there is equipment available to get the code from the PCB but can't remember if it is worth of buying one in case you only need to default one panel.
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